Contech Electronics EB122BL Eat Better Ergonomic Pet Bowl

Contech Electronics EB122BL Eat Better Ergonomic Pet Bowl

Make Your Dog Slow Down Eating For Better Health
  • Encourages slower, healthier eating
  • Improves absorption of nutrients through better digestion
  • Reduces vomiting and bloating
  • Reduces overeating
  • High-quality food-grade, dishwasher safe plastic



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  • The Eat Better bowl helps your dog eat more slowly, minimizing many of the health issues associated with fast-paced eating, including indigestion, vomiting and bloating. The ergonomic wishbone center of the bowl slows down your dog's eating by creating an obstacle that prevents gulping or vacuuming behaviors. The bowl's innovative design encourages dogs to take smaller mouthfuls and chew more.

    Note: Bowl works for dogs only.

    Digestion Issues
    The Eat Better pet bowl encourages dogs to eat at a slower, healthier rate. Many dogs instinctively eat too fast ("wolfing their food"); a habit that can contribute to digestive problems such as indigestion, vomiting and even GDV (gastric dilatation-volvulus) or bloat; a life-threatening condition requiring emergency treatment. To help promote healthier eating habits, the Eat Better bowl incorporates a raised wishbone-shaped partition that provides easy access to food, but prevents dogs from eating too quickly. The bowl's innovative design encourages dogs to eat slower, take smaller mouthfuls, chew more, and avoid overeating. The Eat Better bowl forces dogs to adopt a slower, healthier pace at mealtimes.

    Weight Issues
    Discourages overeating; slower eating can make your dog full sooner, which in turn can be useful as a weight-management tool. Many dogs take in food too fast to feel when they are full until they are overfull.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Contech
    Manufacturer Product No.: EB122BL
    UPC: 059463002496
    Product Dimensions: 8.75" x 2"
    Product Weight: 15 oz
    Warranty: 30 day, limited

  • 3 Reviews

    Review of 6103eb Review by SHANNON
    Review of 6103eb

    This bowl might have slowed my puppies eating by a minute or two but not as much as I was hoping.

    Posted on 5/26/2013

    Review of 6103eb Review by LISETTE
    Review of 6103eb

    has definitely helped our dog to slow down

    Posted on 10/14/2009

    Review of 6103eb Review by Paul
    Review of 6103eb

    It really helps my dog eat slower....he still wants to chow down, but this does make him slow down. I like the modern look too.

    Posted on 5/6/2008

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