Contech Electronics CRO-101 Scarecrow Water Spraying Animal Repeller

Scare Off Intruders with a Blast of Water!
  • Humane method of repelling animals
  • PIR motion sensor sprays water when it detects an intruder
  • Simple to use - connects to a garden hose and stick into lawn
  • 35 feet range for flexibility in placement
  • Spray head coverage adjustable from 10° to 360°



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  • Having trouble with returning animal "visitors?" Need a deterrent to keep the most daring animals away, time and time again? Then try the Scarecrow, a device that sprays animals with a blast of water when they approach. Simply push the mounting spike into your lawn, attach your garden hose and you'll have a foolproof animal deterring system that is humane and won't injure, but merely scare them away. The Scarecrow features a PIR (passive infrared) motion detector that sprays a three to four-second burst of water then resets when it detects an approaching critter. Its spray coverage can be adjusted from a narrow 10° coverage to wide 360°, and the 35-foot range lets you place the Scarecrow where it makes the most sense. It requires a 9V battery (sold separately) and is effective on dogs, cats, raccoons, deer, and other unwelcome guests.

    To keep animals guessing, simply pull up the Scarecrow, move it to a different location, and turn the water on. Soon, animals won't know where they'll be sprayed from, and will be wary of entering the protected area.

    Requires a 9V battery (sold separately), which powers the unit for approximately 6 months under normal use.

    Suggested Sensitivity Settings
    Animal Size 10ft 20ft 30ft
    Small 6-7 7-9 *
    Medium 3-4 5-6 7-9
    Large 2-3 4-5 6-9

    *Some small animals might not be seen at this distance

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Contech
    Manufacturer Product No. CRO-101
    Dimensions 24 inches (H) (with spike and sprinkler) x 4 inches (W) x 7 inches (D)
    Affective On Dogs, Cats, Deer, Raccoons, and Squirrels, etcetera.
    Detection Area 0 - 35 feet at 105° (weather conditions may produce fluctuations in range)
    Spray Area Adjustable from 20 feet to 40 feet @ 10° to 360° spray pattern
    Batteries One 9 Volt Alkaline Battery
    Manufacturer Warranty Conditional 6 month parts and services

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    DUCKS LOVE IT Review by DuckCalls

    Ducks love it. IR does not register ducks or other foul crap birds getting into a swimming pool. It sure works on humans.

    Posted on 1/30/2015

    Review of 6120 Review by JBM
    Review of 6120

    FANTASTIC FOR BLUE HERONS..!! After 5 years my fish pond problems are over. If you have a high water pressure problem, I suggest you go to an RV store and buy a pressure reducing fitting that is only about $10.00. I also I bought a heavy duty hose since it must continually holding pressure. I really recommend this product.

    Posted on 1/12/2014

    Review of 6120 Review by SARAH
    Review of 6120

    It works out great! The 2 women normally walk their dogs in my yard and not picking things up finally disappear.

    Posted on 10/18/2013

    Review of 6120 Review by TONY
    Review of 6120

    My father bought this for keeping geese off his lawn. Unfortunatly, it didn't deter them and we returned it.

    Posted on 9/9/2013

    Review of 6120 Review by Bill_IT
    Review of 6120

    This unit works much better than I had hoped. Within days, two neighborhood dogs that had messed up my flower beds on a daily basis no longer came onto the property. Once this retraining is accomplished, usually you can stop using the unit unless a new animal enters the picture.

    But be aware of one thing: kids in your neighborhood will line up to be sprinkled on hot days! The novelty seems to be irresistible.

    Posted on 7/14/2013

    Review of 6120 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 6120

    The Scarecrow worked like a charm-actually like it is supposed to. The cat that has been hunting/killing the hummingbirds in my backyard-has given up trying to get into the backyard.Hummingbirds are safe and well and returning.

    Posted on 6/7/2013

    Review of 6120 Review by SUE
    Review of 6120

    I purchased my first Scarecrow after the first bears and raccoons of the season ruined my bird feeders twice. The Scarecrow worked. I have since purchased a few more, to keep my apple trees safe from the deer. So, far, so good.
    My only complaint is that it is difficult to push into the ground.
    Sue from Minnesota

    Posted on 5/31/2013

    Review of 6120 Review by SPENCER
    Review of 6120

    We've had one for years. Replacement was hard to find, but excellent at keeping crows and small animals out of our vegetable garden.

    Posted on 5/26/2013

    Review of 6120 Review by DALE
    Review of 6120

    Works great. I have 3 of them.

    Posted on 5/10/2013

    Review of 6120 Review by MARYJANE
    Review of 6120

    Very pleased ,we have kept all cats out of our garden!!!! Love it

    Posted on 4/1/2013

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