ConservCo NMG-49 GeiserMiser Replacement Riser Pin and Shutoff Valve

Sprinkler Riser with Automatic Shut-Off
  • Prevents geysers if the sprinkler head breaks off
  • Fully adjustable and installs directly into your existing sprinkler system



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  • GeiserMiser® Automatic Sprinkler Shut-off Valve is spring-loaded and stops water flow to broken sprinklers. It allows other sprinklers to operate normally, with no loss of pressure and will work no matter where damage occurs whether it be to the sprinkler head, nozzle, or riser. The GeiserMiser works at any angle and attaches to tee or elbow fitting, riser, or swing joint.

    The GeiserMiser stops the "lawn geysers" we have all seen; so it conserves water by avoiding water loss when a sprinkler head gets broken off, and it lowers the risk of property damage and liability caused by water flowing out of the sprinkler system.

    Easy to Install
    • Simple retrofit - no big holes to dig, just remove existing sprinkler head and riser and screw in the NMG valve and riser, then re-install your sprinkler head and turn the system back on
    • The NMG fits directly below the sprinkler head and is as easy to install as changing a light bulb

      Fully Adjustable
    • The length of each NMG is fully adjustable to accommodate the depth of any existing sprinkler system
    • The riser and retaining pin are marked with corresponding cut-marks, making any depth adjustment easy to accomplish

      Verified Water Conservation Results
      Independent third-party testing found that
    • NMG saves 9.5 gallons per minute, or 95 gallons for every ten-minute watering cycle
    • The presence of the NMG units in the system causes a minor 0.1% increase in pressure loss
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