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  1. Get advanced control of your home systems using your computer with this Web Browser Automation Controller.


    List Price: $388.99

    Your Savings: $80.00

  2. Get easy to use, advanced centralized management of your home systems and devices with this Remote Access Automation Controller.


    List Price: $318.99

    Your Savings: $70.00

  3. Automate your pool and spa with this technologically advanced, versatile and expandable Z-Wave Pool Control system.


    List Price: $702.18

    Your Savings: $292.24

  4. Modernize your home with Honeywell's Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat. It's simple programming menu allows you to perfect temperature control with ease!


    List Price: $164.99

    Your Savings: $35.59

  5. Install this software based Premium Automated Home Controller hub to manage your lighting and appliances from your computer or over the internet.


    List Price: $1,200.00

    Your Savings: $300.06

  6. Choose this RF 3-Way Smart Dimmer to add multi-location or virtual 3-way remote control without the need for traditional 3-way or traveler wiring.


    List Price: $115.00

    Your Savings: $68.53

  7. Control your door locks wirelessly via your security or home automation system with this Z-Wave Electronic Deadbolt.


    List Price: $599.99

    Your Savings: $184.55

  8. Install this Scene Control Keypad to control multiple scenes or zones from a single, easy to program wall mounted switch.


    List Price: $187.50

    Your Savings: $125.52

  9. Homeseer wall dimmer is compatible with most dimmable LED, CFL and Incandescent bulbs. Works with existing Hot-Neutral-Load wiring circuits


    List Price: $49.95

    Your Savings: $2.50

  10. Z-Wave enabled battery operated photoelectric smoke/CO combo alarm. Combo alarms protect against two deadly threats, smoke and carbon monoxide.


    List Price: $49.99

    Your Savings: $9.62

  11. Homeseer wall switch is compatible with most lighting and appliance loads. Works with existing Hot-Neutral-Load wiring circuits


    List Price: $44.95

    Your Savings: $2.25

  12. Integrate this Remote Z-Wave Interface into your home automation system to upgrade and expand your network.


    List Price: $149.95

    Your Savings: $0.01

  13. Control all your home automation systems, devices, and appliances with this powerful and compact Premium Smart Home Controller.


    List Price: $200.00

    Your Savings: $10.06

  14. Secure your home and add a new level of functionality with this Keyless Entry deadbolt which features wireless home automation integration.


    List Price: $619.99

    Your Savings: $282.90

  15. Manage your home systems through your smartphone, tablet, or computer or over the Internet with this advanced Home Automation Controller.


    List Price: $700.00

    Your Savings: $35.06

  16. By connecting the VeraPlus with all the smart devices in your home, it allows you to control them together in groups or individually to create custom solutions that fit your life. View and control your system from anywhere, for total peace of mind.
  17. Control your home's systems, appliances, and more from your computer or over the internet with this software based Home Automation Controller.


    List Price: $855.00

    Your Savings: $0.06

  18. Z-wave wireless control communicates with all Z-wave devices to manage all of your home automation systems from one convenient spot.


    List Price: $308.32

    Your Savings: $112.01

  19. In conjunction with the immutable laws of architecture and the latest technology, the FIBARO Motion Sensor was created – your eye on the home.
  20. Automatically shut off water in the event of a water leak, mitigating water damage before it has a chance to impact your home.


    List Price: $99.99

    Your Savings: $0.02

  21. The SmartCode Lever with Home Connect Technology featuring Z-Wave enables the door lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in home. The lock allows the user through a web enabled device to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door and receive text or email messages.


    List Price: $249.00

    Your Savings: $40.56

  22. This unique device can guard you and your family by preventing damaging floods inside your home. Using advanced technology, the incredibly precise FIBARO Flood Sensor will alert you of a potential flood or a rapid increase or decrease in temperature.
  23. Install this 220VAC Insteon Automation compatible relay to remotely control high current devices like electric water heaters, pumps, motors, and more.
  24. Homeseer wall companion provides wired 3-way operation for our HS-WD100+ wall dimmer and HS-WS100+ wall switch. Requires traveler wire.


    List Price: $21.95

    Your Savings: $0.01

  25. The SmartThings Water Leak Sensor can monitor moisture and send you an immediate alert to help you prevent a leak from becoming a flood. It can also monitor temperature.
  26. Aspire RF remote light switch with z-wave technology replaces regular light switches for local and remote on/off switching, dimming and brightening control.


    List Price: $168.00

    Your Savings: $107.89

  27. The Door Sensor Pro is the best door and window sensor on the market, with unparalleled features such as a built-in 3 color LED range indicator, a 10-year battery life, S1 encryption, and 1/4 inch wide magnet.


    List Price: $34.99

    Your Savings: $10.02

  28. Using the unique designed algorithm, Dimmer 2 recognizes the type of connected lights and automatically calibrates itself to set proper values. Now you can be sure that lights in your home are optimally controlled.
  29. This incredible device is not only an on/off smart switch, but also acts as a Z-Wave range extender and monitors energy consumption.
  30. FIBARO SWIPE is a unique smart home gesture control pad that makes no-touch control of your home as simple as a flick of the wrist. It is also an intuitive wireless controller, which can turn on lighting, open window shades, turn up the heating, or play your favorite song.
  31. A high resolution digital thermostat with a full color touch screen display


    List Price: $219.99

    Your Savings: $41.34

  32. Use Leviton Vizia RF+ smart receptacles for local or remote on/off switching of table lamps, appliances, holiday lighting and more. Easy installation.


    List Price: $83.30

    Your Savings: $36.73

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