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  1. Get remote control access to your devices and appliances and direct communication with your network with this Central Controller Dual-Band PLM kit.
  2. Install this this Automation Compatible Security System kit to conveniently integrate your home security and automation systems together.


    List Price: $1,194.97

    Your Savings: $119.50

  3. Build a rock-solid security foundation with powerful automation functionality with this Semi Flush Mount Keypad Security System.
  4. Use this Starter Home Automation kit to control your system from any web-browser without the need for special software.


    List Price: $433.95

    Your Savings: $43.39

  5. With the X10 signal analyzer you can test signal strength as it passes through the powerline.


    List Price: $349.99

    Your Savings: $41.17

  6. Use this Smart Home Automation starter kit to control, monitor and configure your system from any web-browser anywhere in the world.


    List Price: $503.95

    Your Savings: $50.39

  7. This latest version of the Leviton Whole-House Surge Suppressor has greatly increased surge handling capacity. This unit is an essential component when installing an extensive whole-house X10 system. LEDs on the panel show operation status.


    List Price: $531.06

    Your Savings: $272.18

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