Comfort First CAF 22114 Control-A-Flow, with Filter

Comfort First CAF 22114 Control-A-Flow, with Filter

Filters and Redirects Air for a Cleaner, Healthier, and More Comfortable Office Environment
  • Installs in minutes without additional tools
  • Blends into ceiling panels
  • Maintains comfortable ambient temperature without "dumping" of air
  • Traps airborne toxins and contaminants to reduce allergies and illness


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  • One of the most universal office complaints regards room temperatures and thermostat settings. The overhead air conditioning or heating ducts found in most office buildings generally "dump" air into the room, often blowing directly onto employee's heads. The sudden influx of air can make the employee hot one minute and cold the next. The Control-A-Flow eliminates this problem by redirecting the air flow. The air deflector clips directly onto drop ceiling T-bars and rests on the bottom lip of the rails, forcing air to follow the ceiling line, working to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature throughout the room. An adjusting wand is included to move the panels and redirect the air in multiple directions at once without the use of a ladder or chair.

    As the air is redirected, it passes through an anti-microbial filter made up of a multi-density Dacron fiber. Trapping particles as small as 0.5 micron, the filter helps to reduce illnesses and allergies, making for less sick time and more productive work days. Each filter is easily and inexpensively replaced and will last approximately four to eight months.

    Four-Way Adjustable Flow Patterns
    Adjust one side to direct air slightly downward, another to bounce air off the ceiling, while the other two can blow straight out. Unlimited variations!

    Cleaner Air
    Studies have shown that indoor air today is likely to be more polluted than the air outside. The filters built in to the Filtered Diffuser capture contaminants down to 0.3 micron, including bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dust, dust mites, pollens, and other allergens.

    Eliminates Air Draft Complaints
    With superior air distribution, directed exactly where each person wants it, complaints of being hit by a draft are eliminated.

    Saves Energy
    Allows for a higher thermostat setting. A NASA study found that a 1° change in setting can result in a 10% energy savings.

    Saves Money
    No longer will people be running personal space heaters because the office AC is freezing them out. Also, there will be fewer sick days.

    Cleaner Ceilings
    No more dirty smudge on the ceiling surrounding the AC registers.

    Improves Tenant Satisfaction
    Fewer workers comp claims and employee lawsuits leads to higher occupancy rate by retaining tenants.

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    Manufacturer Comfort First
    Manufacturer Product No. CAF 22114
    UPC 614825221146
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    • 2x - Translucent 12" x 24.25" panels
    • 2x - 32" rails with clips, stops, and cover plates attached
    • 1x - Adjusting want
    • 4x - Self-adhesive panel stop pads
    • 2x - 12" x 24" replaceable filters with wire frame and end caps
    • 1x - Installation instructions

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