Coax Cable Continuity Tester

Coax Cable Continuity Tester

Troubleshooting TimesaverTest Coax Cable Quickly and Easily
  • Clip on pocket connector
  • Right angle push-on connector
  • LED indicates DC shorts
  • Rugged metal construction



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  • The Coax Cable Continuity Tester is an easy to use tool for testing coax cable. With it you can check DC shorts, splitters, and self-grounding devices in coax cable. An audible tone sounds when the line-carrying signal is detected.

    Don't spend hours trying to figure out which coax cable goes to which jack. Save time during wiring projects with this pocket-sized Pocket Toner Continuity Tester. After completing the pre-wiring stage of an installation, you could be faced with dozens of coax cables. While it is easy to group the different cables, you still have to figure out which cable goes to which jack or location. The Pocket Toner can help you solve this problem in minutes.

    Simply plug the sender into a wall jack in a room. Back at the location where all the cables come together, connect one cable at a time to the speaker until a tone is heard, and you've found your cable.

  • Specifications

    Steren Product No.: 203-550, PT-1
    Dimensions: 4-1/8" x 1" x 3/8"
    Power: 12V 23A battery

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    Review of 90405 Review by JOEL
    Review of 90405

    Works well over short distances. Over 30 feet ???

    Posted on 3/5/2013

    Review of 90405 Review by DENNIS
    Review of 90405

    Product does a good job indicating a short. However, splitters will cause a false signal.

    Posted on 11/3/2011

    Review of 90405 Review by RANDY
    Review of 90405

    shipped fast and the tester was exactly as described, wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again.

    Posted on 9/23/2010

    Review of 90405 Review by F B
    Review of 90405


    Posted on 4/16/2010

    Review of 90405 Review by ALEXANDER
    Review of 90405

    Works great.helped me find the problem. With cabling for the broadband. Useful for testing the splitters as well.

    Posted on 4/9/2010

    Review of 90405 Review by JASON
    Review of 90405

    Small, easy to use and carry. Perfect for working in the attic.

    Posted on 1/7/2010

    Review of 90405 Review by HUY
    Review of 90405

    works great for shorter runs, not so much for long runs (no sound)

    Posted on 5/12/2009

    Review of 90405 Review by GREG
    Review of 90405

    Easy to use device that works well. Also detects line splitters!

    Posted on 11/6/2008

    Review of 90405 Review by NICOLE
    Review of 90405

    Very good, worked in locating cable lines in house!

    Posted on 10/23/2008

    Review of 90405 Review by JEFFREY
    Review of 90405

    Made it so easy - I had so many cables to choose from, and found it easily.

    Posted on 7/16/2008

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    • 1x - Continuity Tester
    • 1x - 12V 23A battery
    • 1x - Dual Female F-connector

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