X-10 PRO2000? Monitored Security System Value Pack


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X-10 PRO2000? Monitored Security System Value Pack
X-10 PRO2000? Monitored Security System Value Pack
Although this system incorporates sophisticated features, it's very easy to use.
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  • Wireless technology ensures a quick, clean installation
  • Extremely easy to use - no codes to forget or keys to lose
  • Away mode makes gives your home a lived-in appearance when you're not there
  • Supports 24-hour monitoring, for automatic notification of authorities during a break-in

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    The most effective home security systems are those that actively prevent burglaries, not just respond to them. And that's exactly what you'll get with the X-10 PRO2000? Monitored Security System Value Pack, an X10-based security system that combines home automation, wireless technology and 24-hour professional monitoring.

    The PRO2000? incorporates many sophisticated features, yet it is simple to use. The system is fully wireless for a quick, clean installation and can be completely supervised to ensure total 24-hour security. With the PRO2000? there are no codes to forget or keys to lose. Everything, including the lights and appliances in your home, can be operated from hand-held remotes just like your TV or VCR.

    If the alarm is tripped, a loud siren built into the console is activated, along with any optional PowerHorn sirens plugged into any electrical outlets elsewhere in the home. At the same time, all X10-controlled lights in the home will continuously flash on and off, alerting neighbors and making it easier for police or other security personnel to locate where the alarm has occurred.

    One of the features that makes the PRO2000? so simple to use is the convenient hand-held and keychain remotes that operate the system. Now you don't need to use hard-to-find keys or remember complicated access codes. The remotes even allow you to arm and disarm the system from outside the home. An included convenience is a security light feature that will allow you to switch on an entrance light before you enter the premises.

    In the event of a break-in, the PRO2000's built-in digital communicator can immediately call the monitoring station and alert them as to which door, window or motion sensor has been tripped and where that sensor is located within the house. At that point, the monitoring station will notify the proper authorities of your address and where to check in the house for the break-in.

    The PRO2000's door/window sensors provide effective detection for up to 16 zones, with long battery life. Sophisticated dual-element passive infrared technology combined with two-setting sensitivity adjustment ensures that the PRO2000's motion detector will sense the most persistent intruder. For added reliability, all PRO2000 sensors are self-checking. All the door/window and motion sensors send a signal to the control panel every 90 minutes to verify both battery life and connection. If, during any continuous four-hour period, a connection is not established, the control panel will indicate a trouble condition both by visual zone indicator and audible signal.

    The PRO2000? also offers an 'Away' mode, with a random timer that automatically turns on X10-controlled lamps and appliances on and off at random time intervals to give you r home a lived-in look for light and sound as an added level of security. Furthermore, it provides full compatibility with nearly all X10-based products to control anything from table lamps to garage doors all at the touch of a button.

    The system described here includes the main PRO2000? control panel, one PIR motion sensor, one handheld remote, one keychain remote, one X10 lamp module and two sensors for use with doors or windows. Requires 4 'AA' batteries for back-up operation when regular AC is off.

    NOTE: This system is not compatible with the Alarm Relay Monitoring Service.

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