ClearSounds Communications QUATTROKIT60 Quattro Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop System

ClearSounds Communications QUATTROKIT60 Quattro Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop System

Turn your Hearing Aid into a High-Performance Wireless Receiver
  • Talk on your mobile phone, handsfree, and hear what



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  • The core of the System is the Quattro Amplified Neckloop with A2DP. The System accessories provide connectivity and usability options for nearly all communications needs while on the move or in-the-home or in-the-office.

    It's not just about convenience though. The Quattro Neckloop System actually significantly improves the sound you hear from your phones and electronic devices. And because the Quattro is portable, that means 24/7, 360 degrees around you you'll hear the voices and entertainment you want to hear, with none of the background noise, feedback or sound distortion you don't.

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    Manufacturer ClearSounds Communications
    Manufacturer Product No QUATTROKIT360
    UPC 793537805100
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    Review of 52999 Review by KENNETH
    Review of 52999

    The Clearsounds QUATTRO is a great solution for hearing aid wearers who want to use Bluetooth handset functions with their cellphones. Hearing aids usually physically prevent the use of normal Bluetooth headsets. The Quattro transmits the audio signal through a magnetic field which can be picked up by the telecoils in the hearing aids. In addition, it amplifies that signal so that it can be heard over the sounds being picked up by the microphones in the hearing aids. And, all the sounds are equalized for the user's hearing loss because they are processed by the hearing aid's equalizer and heard in both ears through the wearer's hearing aids. A very neat, slick trick. The loop that goes around your neck is actually the antenna that transmits the magnetic signal. The device has a volume adjustment wheel, a button, and a microphone for the response to the cellphone. When receiving a call, ringtones are played through the device to your hearing aids. Press the button once, and you answer the call. The caller's voice is played through your hearing aids, and your voice is transmitted back to the caller by microphone in the Quattro. Of course, having the telecoils in your hearing aid will use up hearing aid batteries a little faster, and those telecoils are sensitive magnetic fields generated by things like fluorescent lights, store security devices, and electronic noises from automobile control systems. You may need to check with your hearing aid supplier to see if your aids have telecoils (most do), and to get them turned on, since they are normally turned off by default. The Quattro is simple to use, smaller than other solutions, lasts an entire day on an overnight charge, and it enables you to use Bluetooth with your cellphone and your hearing aids. My Quattro replaces an older model (CLA7BT) that I used for over three years, and now includes the Bluetooth stereo profile. I've tried the hearing aid manufacturer's Bluetooth solution, but is much larger, more complex to use, and several times more expensive. The Quattro will work with any hearing aids that have telecoils. (Hearing aids currently do not have Bluetooth built into them because the additional power drain on the hearing aid batteries would be far too great and the additional electronics would make them too much larger.) Best of all, Smarthome's price was less than half of the MSRP that my audiologist wanted to charge.

    Posted on 7/10/2013

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