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  1. Make watering your lawn easy with this Aqua Timer Lawn Care system which lets you Water 4 areas from one faucet.


    List Price: $49.99

    Your Savings: $24.99

  2. Install this No Key Access Control deadbolt in place of a standard deadbolt to lock and unlock your door using a remote, keypad, or key.


    List Price: $149.99

    Your Savings: $74.99

  3. Keep tabs on your property both outside or inside, day or night, with this HD Wireless Security Camera kit.


    List Price: $199.98

    Your Savings: $99.99

  4. Your smartphone is now a smart key—and more. Lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your iOS or Android smartphone.


    List Price: $229.99

    Your Savings: $114.99

  5. Unlock or lock your front door using a remote, keypad or key with this easy to install battery powered Keyless Security Deadbolt.


    List Price: $169.99

    Your Savings: $84.99

  6. See and record what's going on around your home or office even in the dark with this Outdoor Motion Activated Camera kit.


    List Price: $399.96

    Your Savings: $199.98

  7. Ideal for commercial use including hair salons, boutiques, hospitality, kitchens and small businesses. Auto & manual functions mean no more need to touch debris or the vacuum to operate.


    List Price: $129.00

    Your Savings: $64.50

  8. Connect door locks to your home security and automation systems with this easy to install venetian bronze colored Electronic Deadbolt.


    List Price: $599.99

    Your Savings: $299.99

  9. Monitor and protect your property inside and outside, day or night, with this wireless high definition Surveillance Camera Kit.


    List Price: $399.96

    Your Savings: $199.98

  10. Your home will always stay secure while you get the convenience of keyless entry with this electronic deadbolt from Baldwin Hardware.


    List Price: $609.99

    Your Savings: $304.99

  11. With the Gardus gutter cleaning system there's no need for a ladder. The extendable unit works with any cordless drill to clean gutters and downspouts.


    List Price: $79.95

    Your Savings: $39.97

  12. Install this reliable and high-quality Raintight Motion Sensor switch to protect your property both inside and outside.


    List Price: $85.99

    Your Savings: $42.99

  13. Replace your existing light switches with this Wireless RF Smart Dimmer to get enhanced local and remote control of your home lighting systems.


    List Price: $249.99

    Your Savings: $172.12

  14. The FLIR FX HD Wi-Fi Security Camera (2 Pack) is a versatile wireless HD camera that allows you to see the day in a minute.


    List Price: $349.99

    Your Savings: $174.99

  15. This low-cost USB power adapter provides an alternative to connecting your electronic devices to a computer to charge or power.


    List Price: $4.99

    Your Savings: $4.00

  16. Stream and amplify music from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop through loudspeakers with this Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver.


    List Price: $199.00

    Your Savings: $99.50

  17. Set up this versatile Wi-Fi IP Security Camera to keep an eye on and review what's going on and what's already happened in your home.


    List Price: $199.99

    Your Savings: $99.99

  18. Monitor and protect your home or office during the day or at night with this high definition Outdoor Rated IP Camera Kit.


    List Price: $199.98

    Your Savings: $99.99

  19. Have the United Security Products auto voice pager dialer system call your pager or a friend. Save on monitoring station charges!


    List Price: $366.55

    Your Savings: $188.57

  20. Take control of your home's decor and replace your outdated rotary-style thermostat with this elegant, programmable Baseboard Heater Thermostat.


    List Price: $103.51

    Your Savings: $51.75

  21. If you live in an apartment or condo that doesn't allow permanently fixed screen doors this instant french screen door is your solution.


    List Price: $74.95

    Your Savings: $37.47

  22. Create customized lighting for a unique ambiance in any room with this Multi-Color Light Flex Strip kit.


    List Price: $64.99

    Your Savings: $32.49

  23. The bronze motion security light detects motion from 190 degrees and up to 30 feet away.


    List Price: $70.00

    Your Savings: $35.00

  24. The New England Motion Security Light has a 150 degree range of motion and can detect motion from up to 30 feet away.


    List Price: $76.95

    Your Savings: $38.47

  25. Count on the Visonic wireless motion sensor with pet tolerance to warn you off intruders without hampering the movement of your family pets.


    List Price: $109.99

    Your Savings: $54.99

  26. Connect this Smart Networkable End-Point Device to manage almost any electrical device via a wired ethernet network, smartphone or tablet, or PC.


    List Price: $119.95

    Your Savings: $59.97

  27. Turn your lights on and open your garage door with this small, light-weight keychain transmitter by Skylink.


    List Price: $13.95

    Your Savings: $6.97

  28. This heavy duty safe/secure metal door electric door strike is field-programmable in seconds for fail-safe or fail-secure applications.


    List Price: $79.99

    Your Savings: $39.99

  29. Manage and control large, high energy consuming household appliances with this Metering Load controller.


    List Price: $179.99

    Your Savings: $89.99

  30. Operate your home temperature controls like never before with the Z-Wave communicating thermostat! It's all in one design makes home automation simple.


    List Price: $309.99

    Your Savings: $160.99

  31. Enhance your home security and protect your property from vandalism with this Home Perimeter Security laser sensor system.


    List Price: $263.40

    Your Savings: $171.90

  32. This touchscreen fireplace remote provides constant comfort and it features a security code, a flame icon, and child safety lockout.


    List Price: $301.00

    Your Savings: $150.50

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