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We’re overstocked. Save big on our deeply discounted clearance items. Limited quantities available. These are brand new factory-sealed products with full manufacturer's warranty. No code required. Not valid for prior purchases. Cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion.

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  1. Count on the Suncourt EntreeAir door frame fan-brown complements your décor while moving warm or cool air from room to room for better air circulation.


    List Price: $28.95

    Your Savings: $14.47

  2. Reliably monitor the temperature and humidity in critical areas like server rooms and equipment closets with this Home Temperature Sensor.


    List Price: $159.99

    Your Savings: $79.99

  3. This Module Makes Any Metal Incandescent Lamp Controllable by Touch, simply plug into the module and start using touch control.


    List Price: $14.99

    Your Savings: $7.49

  4. Choose this RF 3-Way Smart Dimmer to add multi-location or virtual 3-way remote control without the need for traditional 3-way or traveler wiring.


    List Price: $99.99

    Your Savings: $49.99

  5. The United Security Products voice dial security monitoring system automatically dials up to 8 phones with pre-recorded messages in case of an event.


    List Price: $394.30

    Your Savings: $197.15

  6. Use this Heating Control System to add wireless remote control capability for two-wire heat-only systems.


    List Price: $39.99

    Your Savings: $19.99

  7. Control Scout from your smartphone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere in the world. With customizable notifications, personalized styling and 24/7 mobile access, Scout keeps you on-the-go, in control and interruption free.


    List Price: $393.00

    Your Savings: $196.50

  8. Use this Pool Pump Timer to provide coordinated control for pool heater and filter pump operations and extend service life.


    List Price: $270.50

    Your Savings: $147.15

  9. The United Security Products single channel auto voice dialer notifies you the minute something goes wrong. Ideal for home security notifications.


    List Price: $223.85

    Your Savings: $111.92

  10. Get rid of bulky adapters and install this energy efficient USB Charger receptacle to charge cell phones, music players, tablets, and other devices.


    List Price: $29.99

    Your Savings: $17.01

  11. Replace your existing light switches with this Wireless RF Smart Dimmer to get enhanced local and remote control of your home lighting systems.


    List Price: $249.99

    Your Savings: $172.12

  12. With the wireless plug-in chime you can simply pick up the chime and take it with you to the back yard or garage so you never miss a visitor.


    List Price: $43.95

    Your Savings: $21.97

  13. Have the United Security Products auto voice pager dialer system call your pager or a friend. Save on monitoring station charges!


    List Price: $366.55

    Your Savings: $188.57

  14. The Three Outlet Cube Tap Adapter is made from durable thermoplastic to endure high impacts. It has a compact design to fit three separate outlets on one device.


    List Price: $6.99

    Your Savings: $3.85

  15. The 8-Output Wireless Powercode Receiver is designed to convert a standard hard-wired control panel into a reliable fully supervised wireless system


    List Price: $99.37

    Your Savings: $49.68

  16. Turn your lights on and open your garage door with this small, light-weight keychain transmitter by Skylink.


    List Price: $13.95

    Your Savings: $6.97

  17. The single gang request to exit plate with 2" illuminated green pushbutton is a wall-mounted switch that can be used to remotely open a door or gate.


    List Price: $61.40

    Your Savings: $39.32

  18. Install this curtain Home Perimeter Security motion sensor system in areas with limited space to monitor entry to your property.


    List Price: $263.40

    Your Savings: $173.46

  19. Install this Battery Operated Wireless Switch to easily add remote control functionality to a different location in your home.


    List Price: $190.10

    Your Savings: $134.34

  20. Scout’s modern design complements a modern home - no more beige boxes stuffed into every corner. With Scout, you’ll repel criminals without repelling your sense of style. Scout is modular so the system is portable from house-to-house. Each component can be repurposed as needed. It’s a great solution for both renters and homeowners alike.


    List Price: $198.00

    Your Savings: $99.00

  21. The Venstar Platinum Thermostat Lock is a great way to lock the access door and prevent the reprogramming located on the inside of your HVAC thermostat.


    List Price: $19.99

    Your Savings: $9.99

  22. The Intermatic Time Switch Case Enclosure is rust resistant ideal for hot, dry climates.


    List Price: $96.28

    Your Savings: $48.14

  23. Use the Corner Kit to angle your Ring Pro towards your walkway, so you can improve your motion detection and get a better view of visitors coming to your door.


    List Price: $19.00

    Your Savings: $9.50

  24. This electromagnetic lock L Bracket can be used for a secure installation where there isn't enough room to install the magnet on the door frame.


    List Price: $26.99

    Your Savings: $13.49

  25. The Leviton 12-Port Structured Media Panel Combines a Telephone Line Distribution Module and Two Cat 5e Voice and Data Boards.


    List Price: $212.73

    Your Savings: $106.36

  26. Sprinkl’s Conserve product adds advanced conservation settings, scheduling, and basic smart phone controls to an existing irrigation controller.


    List Price: $99.00

    Your Savings: $49.50

  27. The Green Zone heat/cool control panel is a simple, high quality and competitively priced residential zone control system that can control two zones.


    List Price: $190.00

    Your Savings: $95.00

  28. Spruce your light switches with this streamlined and stylish wall plate. Fits any standard decorator-sized devices without screws.


    List Price: $6.60

    Your Savings: $3.30

  29. This Seco-Larm Enforcer Additional Monitor For Video Door Phone is a secondary viewing monitor for video door phone.


    List Price: $341.30

    Your Savings: $195.43

  30. Install this Disc PIR Motion Detector for an extremely reliable motion sensing solution that is virtually immune to false alarms.


    List Price: $114.70

    Your Savings: $57.35

  31. Use this dual relay load controller to Control Two Lights or medium sized appliance electrical loads from a standard single-gang wall outlet.


    List Price: $89.99

    Your Savings: $44.99

  32. Power appliances and devices and charge your phone and tablet with this versatile Smarthome Branded Products Plug-In USB Power Adapter.


    List Price: $14.99

    Your Savings: $7.49

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