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We’re overstocked. Save big on our deeply discounted clearance items. Limited quantities available. These are brand new factory-sealed products with full manufacturer's warranty. No code required. Not valid for prior purchases. Cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion.

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  1. Add light to any area in your home with a 48 inch direct wire fluorescent light fixture from GE. Hum free technology. No flicker startup.


    List Price: $69.99

    Your Savings: $34.99

  2. Protect your doors and windows against intrusion with this reliable, tamper resistant magnetic Door Contact Sensor.


    List Price: $38.00

    Your Savings: $19.00

  3. Prevent unauthorized visitors entering your home or business through outdoor sliding and swinging electric gates with this powerful Magnetic Lock.


    List Price: $330.00

    Your Savings: $225.17

  4. The United Security Products voice dial security monitoring system automatically dials up to 8 phones with pre-recorded messages in case of an event.


    List Price: $394.30

    Your Savings: $197.15

  5. Bolt-on weatherproof electromagnetic gate lock features a strong, compact design for securing sliding and swinging gates with 1300 lbs of holding force .


    List Price: $350.00

    Your Savings: $230.34

  6. Use this Pool Pump Timer to provide coordinated control for pool heater and filter pump operations and extend service life.


    List Price: $270.50

    Your Savings: $147.15

  7. Use this handy One-Button Keychain Remote to control and operate many of your home's systems, amenities, and devices.


    List Price: $40.00

    Your Savings: $25.30

  8. Easily and reliably monitor doors and entrances in your home or business with this standalone photoelectric Door Sensor system.


    List Price: $150.00

    Your Savings: $103.07

  9. Secure points of entry and keep doors closed to unauthorized visitors with this Heavy Duty Magnetic Lock.


    List Price: $199.99

    Your Savings: $102.85

  10. Install this Magnetic Lock Door Access system to enhance security in any residential or commercial environment.


    List Price: $570.82

    Your Savings: $285.41

  11. 12-Inch HVAC Duct Damper w/ Power Supply Normally Closed


    List Price: $76.99

    Your Savings: $38.49

  12. Add reliable all-around security and protect your home from criminals and vandals with this Perimeter Photobeam Sensor system.


    List Price: $196.70

    Your Savings: $127.03

  13. Easily convert any single cylinder deadbolt into a remote controlled Wireless Deadbolt that can be locked or unlocked from 40 feet away.


    List Price: $70.00

    Your Savings: $35.00

  14. Integrate this Door Contacts Sensor system into any normally open location in your security setup for enhanced protection.


    List Price: $5.99

    Your Savings: $3.21

  15. Arlo HD Security Cameras are 100% wire-free, HD, Indoor/Outdoor video cameras for home monitoring. Motion activated cameras initiate automatic recording and mobile alerts.


    List Price: $279.29

    Your Savings: $139.64

  16. Control your lighting fixtures and appliances wirelessly without an in-wall switch with this Home Automation Module.


    List Price: $23.76

    Your Savings: $11.88

  17. Install this Home Perimeter Security curtain motion sensor system in areas where space is limited to help prevent vandalism or criminal activity.


    List Price: $159.99

    Your Savings: $79.99

  18. Use this Scheduled Lighting Control to program your lights to turn off after specific time intervals or to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.


    List Price: $19.99

    Your Savings: $12.77

  19. The SECO-LARM door contact sensor (10-pack) sends an alert when normally open locations are opened. This 10 pack lets you monitor multiple areas.


    List Price: $59.90

    Your Savings: $29.95

  20. The Cooper Wiring TR7756 in-wall combination USB charger and tamper resistant receptacle unit allows you to charge portable electronic devices directly from a wall outlet.


    List Price: $47.83

    Your Savings: $23.91

  21. Easily expand your garage, water, and door and window alert systems with this easy to install Wireless Motion Sensor.


    List Price: $24.99

    Your Savings: $12.49

  22. Heighten security around your home or business with this Wireless Outdoor Siren which produces a strong alarm noise and emits a flashing light.


    List Price: $175.00

    Your Savings: $87.50

  23. Avoid bill price spikes with this precise freezer failure sensor! Minotaur Engineering's sensor is designed to maximize temperature reading accuracy.


    List Price: $44.00

    Your Savings: $22.00

  24. Lock and unlock your doors with the push of a button with this RF controlled Remote Door Knob which features LED indicator lights.


    List Price: $129.99

    Your Savings: $64.99

  25. The Intermatic Time Switch Case Enclosure is rust resistant ideal for hot, dry climates.


    List Price: $96.28

    Your Savings: $48.14

  26. Secure your home with Smarthome's safety-enhancing light, featuring surge protection and motion sensing technology. Order yours today, from Smarthome!


    List Price: $86.99

    Your Savings: $43.49

  27. Give yourself more control of your home with Minotaur Engineering's variable temperature control sensor. This relative heat detector maximizes efficiency.


    List Price: $64.00

    Your Savings: $32.00

  28. Install this Fixture Control Module to wirelessly turn on and off or dim and brighten appliances and lighting fixtures.


    List Price: $23.76

    Your Savings: $11.88

  29. Use this Outdoor PIR Mirror Detector prevent false alarms caused by outdoor interferences while still providing reliable detection of real threats.


    List Price: $219.99

    Your Savings: $109.99

  30. The ENFORCER Color Video Door Phone displays an image of the visitor in real time on the phone's monitor, while a built-in microphone and speaker on the camera unit let users communicate with visitors.


    List Price: $311.60

    Your Savings: $188.70

  31. Sprinkl’s Conserve product adds advanced conservation settings, scheduling, and basic smart phone controls to an existing irrigation controller.


    List Price: $99.00

    Your Savings: $49.50

  32. Install this motion sensing Home Automation Light socket to provide immediate light in laundry rooms, basements, walk-in closets, and garages.


    List Price: $30.00

    Your Savings: $15.00

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