CLEANCut CC3200 Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser - Black


CLEANCut CC3200 Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser - Black

Infrared Technology Dispenses the Perfect Amount of Paper Towel Every Time
  • Use your favorite brand of paper towel, even jumbo sizes
  • Fast and easy one-hand operation
  • Dispense and cut paper towels to any length
  • Helps you use less paper towels to prevent waste and save money
  • Prevents cross-contamination



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  • CLEANCut® is a touchless automatic paper towel dispenser. It uses infrared technology to dispense and cut paper towels to the length that you choose. Simply break the beam on the right side with your hand and the towels instantly start to dispense. As soon as you remove your hand from the beam, the towels stop dispensing. Once you have your desired length of towel, break the beam on the left side and CLEANCut will cut and hold the paper towel until you are ready to use it. Since you don't have to touch anything to use CLEANCut, you won't inadvertently spread germs and bacteria throughout your kitchen or workspace.

    CLEANCut uses any brand of paper towels, even jumbo rolls or those with perforations. Because CLEANCut allows the user to control the length of towel they desire, you'll have the potential to save up to 200 rolls a year! The internal rotating cutting blade uses "never-dull" technology, so it is self-sharpening and never has to be replaced. CLEANCut is designed to fit underneath a kitchen cabinet to save counter space. It plugs into a standard wall outlet and will quickly become the most used appliance in your home!

    This product is also available in stainless steel and white, each sold separately.
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    You wont regret it Review by Brad
    You wont regret it

    I've had this for about 6 years (bought it elsewhere) and really hesitated at first because of the price, but went ahead and got it because there really aren't any other good paper towel dispensers out there. I will say I am very happy ai got this.

    Got dripping wet hands and need a towel quicky but you don't dare touch anything?(you look like a surgeon who just scrubbed his/her hands and holds them up waiting for someone to put gloves on them).
    Just wave your hand by the sensor on the right and it dispenses for as long as you hold your hand there. Then briefly wave your hand on the left and it cuts the towel, but doesn't let it drop (it's still attached by a thread). Then grab the cut off towel.
    Say goodbye to rolls that just keep on spinning once you pull on them. Say goodbye to trying to tear off a piece and it either rips or causes the roll to spin more.
    Just need a tiny strip of towel? Activate sensor for a split second, and you can have just a 1-2 inch strip. Need a loy of towel! Just hold your hand longer. You quickly learn how to relate time to length if towel.
    Every visitor who sees it in action is amazed and asks about it.
    Just get it, you won't be sorry.

    Posted on 5/31/2015

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