Claber 8990 Rotoroll Automatic Hose Reel with 66 Foot 1/2-Inch Hose

An Automatic Reel that Makes Storing Your Hose Easier
  • Automatic reel helps you organize your hose more easily
  • Has a weather resistant and UV stabilized construction
  • Its non-kink wall makes it easy to wind and rewind its hose



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  • Built with glass fiber reinforced plastic, the Rotoroll is durable and will help you store your hose more easily. Rotoroll has a patented "SoftBlock" device locks the hose when it falls, drops or rewinds itself too quickly. This product is built with a molded, reinforced glass fiber plastic that is resistant to weathering and stabilized for those powerful UV rays. The Hose reel comes with its own 66 foot, 3 layer braided hose that has been engineered out of PVC. The hose is resistant to high water pressure and comes equipped with rust resistant aluminum brackets that will swivel around to keep the hose straight no matter which angle you are pulling it from.

    This product is also available with a 33 foot hose, sold separately.

  • Resistant to high water pressure: Bursting pressure 445psi/ Working pressure 145psi

  • 3 Reviews

    Review of 31124 Review by MARLO
    Review of 31124

    Very well made. It has high quality components, and the Claber accessories have a beautiful fit and finish that you can't find on U.S. made products. I originally ordered a Legacy brand reel from Amazon, but it was so flimsy and cheap that I sent it back. This Claber unit is much better.

    Posted on 10/18/2012

    Review of 31124 Review by CHUCK
    Review of 31124

    Love it. Higher quality than most self reeling automatics.

    Posted on 7/14/2011

    Review of 31124 Review by Nick
    Review of 31124

    Just bought 3 of these and have only installed one so I can't comment on durability but the design is pleasing and works well so far. The hose end did pop off under pressure but it has a screw on compression fitting which has held since I put it back together and tightened it. If you buy one you should hand tighten the collar around the quick disconnect hose end that attaches to the faucet and spray nozzel to prevent that from happening

    Product oversights my opinion:

    1. To mount to a masonty wall they provide 4 screws and plastic inserts but they are a metric size and require drilling a 40mm hole says to use a 13/32 masonry drill.

    I'd bet there is not a single home owner in the US that has a 13/32 masonry drill in his toolbox!

    You will need to buy a 13/32 masonry bit If you can find one to use those fasteners so it's probably cheaper to buy 4 new screws with matching masonry inserts requiring a 1/2 hole if you have a 1/2 masonry bit. Far more likely.

    2.The hose is terminbated with a female Claber quick disconnect fitting and they provide a simple twist type spray nozzell with a male quick connector. The provided nozzle has too high a spray velocity for delicate flowers. I tried a brass male connector on an existing pistol grip spray nozzle and while it seemed to work it quickly popped off.

    Claber should either terminaet their hose with a standard male 3/4 garden hose fitting that could be attached to whatever quick disconnect system you currently use or at least provide a few of their male quick disconnect fittings for the customer to use to attach other sprayheads. I now have an assortment of their quick discconnetc fittings on order from Smarthome so maybe that was Claber's intent.

    If you buy one of these I'd suggest ordering some of those quick disconnect connectors at the same time. Or if you have a big investment in incompatible quick disconnects already you may want to create an adapter with their female quick disconnect connecting to one of your female quick disconnects so you can use your other spray heads, power wash, etc.

    Posted on 6/11/2011

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    • 1x - 66 Foot 1/2-inch Hose
    • 1x - Metal Axle Pin
    • 1x - ABS Plastic Wall Mount
    • 1x - Threaded Faucet Connector
    • 1x - Twist Spray Nozzle
    • 1x - 6 1/2 Foot Lead Hose
    • 4x - Screws
    • 4x - Wall Plugs
    • 1x - Pivot Bracket

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