Claber 8974 Aquapass Hose Cassette with 50 Foot Hose

The Hose Reel that Still Alows you to Water the Plants when the Hose is Completely Wound Up
  • Includes a 50 foot hose
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Allows you to keep your hose organized and lets you use it at the same time



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  • Don't you hate having to put the hose back on the reel when you are done using it? Don't you wish you could leave it on the reel or cassette and use it without taking it out? Well, if you have, then this product was designed just for you. The Aquapass Hose Cassette will allow you to water your plants or garden even when the hose is completely or partially wound up! This cassette can be mounted on your wall. It is both lightweight and portable, and it even comes with a handle that lets you carry the cassette wherever you need to go.

  • Measures: 14 x 5 x 15
    Weighs:11 lbs

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    • 1x - Hose Cassette
    • 1x - 5 Foot Lead Hose with Couplings
    • 1x - Spray Pistol
    • 1x - Wall Bracket
    • 1x - 50 Foot 1/2-inch Hose

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