Channel Vision C-0304 4-Input Modulator w/Bracket

Channel Vision C-0304 4-Input Modulator w/Bracket

Watch Surveillance Camera Footage or DVDs on Unused Television Channels
  • Modulator inserts video footage onto existing coax line for access through any TV in the house
  • 4-input device allows connection of surveillance cameras, DVD players, or any other video signal
  • Universal product holder included for easy installation



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  • There are a multitude of unused television channels, so why not take advantage of this by turning a few of them into your own private surveillance monitor or whole-house video distribution system? The Channel Vision 4-Input Modulator makes it easy to map any three video sources to any unused channels on you television sets. Watching your security cameras, DVDs, videotapes, or any other video signals in multiple rooms in your home becomes as easy as switching channels with your remote. Because this modulator merges these additional inputs into your existing TV signal at the cable source, the new channels will be available at every TV hooked up to your coax cable. The universal product holder included with the modulator makes installation simple and user friendly. You can even map your stereo system to an unused TV channel to pipe music to any room on your TV "network"!

    Easy Setup
    Setup is simple. Just connect your audio and video sources to the 4-Input Modulator as you would connect them directly to your TV's video in ports. Use a Channel Vision combiner to add the 4-Input Modulator to your RF coax line. You'll be able to select from available channels while viewing them on your television. Professional installation is recommended.

  • Specifications

    Channel Vision Product No.: C-0304/E4200
    UPC: 690240013306
    Dimensions: Modulator: 7.8" x 5" x 1.625; universal product holder: 11.9" x 3.5" x 3"
    RF Modulator: PLL Synthesized Oscillator
    Video: NTSC
    Audio: L&R Monaural/Stereo loop opt.
    Frequency Stability: 5°0KHz
    Frequency Ranges: UHF 471.25-855.25MHz; Ultraband 469.25-859.25MHz
    Channels: UHF 14-78, Ultraband 65-135 (excludes 95-99)
    Channel Width: 6.0MHz
    Audio Offset: 4.5MHz
    Sidebands: Double
    Minimum RF Output: 20dBmV
    Video Output: 1VPeak to Peak
    Audio Output: 1V RMS
    Differential Gain: Less than 2% (0.2dB)
    Differential Phase: Less than 3 degrees
    Signal/Noise Ratio: Greater than 52dB
    Spurious Output Rejection: Outside carrier: +12MHz greater than 70dBC; inside carrier: +12MHz greater than 55dBC
    Isolation: Greater than 70dB
    Video Inputs: RCA Female, 0.4V-2.7V Peak to Peak
    Audio Inputs: RCA Female, 1V RMS
    RF Output: F-type female
    Insertion Loss: 3.7dB
    Bandwidth: 5-1000MHz
    Input Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz
    Power: 8 Watts
    Output Voltage: 15VDC, 450MA
    Display: 2-digit channel display
    Channel Selector: Up/Down selector buttons
    Operating Temperature: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
    Approvals: FCC compliant
    Warranty: 2 years, limited

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