Channel Plus LPF-600 Low Pass Filter, Passes CATV 2-86, Blocks CATV >86

Channel Plus LPF-600 Low Pass Filter, Passes CATV 2-86, Blocks CATV >86

Low Pass Filters Clean the Incoming Signal
  • Use with channel modulators
  • Block out unwanted channels



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  • This Low Pass Filter passes CATV 2-86, blocks CATV >86, passes off-air 2-35, blocks off-air 40-69. Low Pass Filters are necessary whenever you want to create your own channels with modulators. These units will filter out frequencies above a certain point so that your channel can be distributed throughout your video distribution system without interference from the cable company. Channels below the filter's rating will come through without attenuation. It will remove cable system noise, test and monitoring signals from the cable company, and signals for cable modems.

    Additionally, the filters will keep your modulated signals from traveling back down the cable and into your neighbor's homes. A side benefit is that it could block some channels that parents find objectionable. The filter will not effect channels 95 to 99 on cable systems.

    In some cases, where the signal strength on existing channels to be blocked is high, two filters in series may be necessary to completely block the signal.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Channel Plus
    Manufacturer Product No.: LPF-600
    Passes: CATV 2-86
    Off-air 2-35
    Blocks: CATV >86
    Off-air 40-69

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    Review of 7822c Review by HUGO
    Review of 7822c

    very good product. It worked better far above of channel 86

    Posted on 5/2/2012

    Review of 7822c Review by ROBERT
    Review of 7822c

    worked great, fast shipping

    Posted on 12/24/2009

    Review of 7822c Review by DANNY
    Review of 7822c

    SAVED MY A** ON A JOB! Made modulator work on a client's system. Great Product!

    Posted on 12/13/2009

    Review of 7822c Review by DANIEL
    Review of 7822c

    It works for channels just above 100. I can still watch a few channels after 86. Any way I don't need too much space for my channels.

    Posted on 10/22/2008

    Review of 7822c Review by MIKE
    Review of 7822c

    My local cable stops at 78, I am running two modulators one at 90 and one at 92. I get no interference.

    Posted on 11/15/2007

    Review of 7822c Review by STEFAN
    Review of 7822c

    Helps, but not perfect. Still get some static on some of the "blocked" channels which interferes with the signals we are modulating onto those channels.

    Posted on 9/27/2007

    Review of 7822c Review by JOHN
    Review of 7822c

    The filter performed as advertised and I am satisfied.

    Posted on 2/7/2007

    Review of 7822c Review by WARREN
    Review of 7822c

    The filter does not allow clear pictures above channel 86-- 87 and 88 still have considerable snow when used with the modulator

    Posted on 11/1/2006

    Review of 7822c Review by HOWARD
    Review of 7822c

    works great

    Posted on 5/13/2006

    Review of 7822c Review by JAMES
    Review of 7822c

    Works well in the system.

    Posted on 4/21/2006

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