Channel Plus DA550HHR 3x8 Video Distribution Panel (1-Way)

Channel Plus DA550HHR 3x8 Video Distribution Panel (1-Way)

Send Multiple Video Signals to 8 Televisions
  • Single-direction model
  • 3 inputs, one for CATV or off-air antenna and two from modulators
  • 8 outputs for runs up to 150 feet
  • Compatible with digital TV and HDTV signals



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  • This amplifier works like a zero-loss splitter. The signals coming into the amplifier will be about 3dB stronger at the device (television, VCR, etc). The amplifier brings up the level of the signal just enough to overcome the losses associated with splitting the signal 8 ways and traveling down 100 to 150 feet of coax cable. The 3x8 1-Way Video Distribution Panel is used with high performance antenna applications for off-air digital and NTSC signals. It is also ideal for cable-serviced homes that don't need return path capability.

    This model includes an IR engine that will pass IR control signal over the coax cable between rooms or locations in the home. The 12-volt bi-directional IR engine works with #7713WRA In-Wall IR Interface and a #7718WR 12 Volt IR Target. Each room can have one of these targets and the signals are routed to a #7701RM 4-Channel S-Video Modulator with MTS Stereo Sound.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Channel Plus
    Manufacturer Product No.: DA550HHR
    CATV/Antenna Port to Output: 3dB
    Modulator Input to Output: -10dB
    Modulator input to CATV/Ant (Isolation): >80dB
    Bandwidth: 5-806MHz
    Max CATV/Antenna Input: 20dBmV(+85dBuV)
    Power Supply: 15V DC @ 300mA (included)
    Size: 6 1/2"x 1 1/4" x 4 1/2"
    Weight: 4 lbs.
    Warranty: 1 year

  • 7 Reviews

    Review of 7712R Review by TIM
    Review of 7712R

    Product is as reviewed by others . . . Works great and picture in the home network has never looked better.

    Posted on 8/28/2011

    Review of 7712R Review by DAVID
    Review of 7712R

    The first one I received had a loose power connector and had to be returned.

    Posted on 8/27/2009

    Review of 7712R Review by KEN
    Review of 7712R

    Seemed to work as advertised. Sure great to have 8 outputs without the normal significant splitter losses. That alone significantly improved my video throughout the house. The 2 Aux inputs seemed to be less sensitive than the Ant input requiring me to put a gain booster on that feed line, but in fairness I am running that input about 75 feet across the house and may just be suffering cable losses before the signal gets to the Dist Panel.

    The one critique I have is that the instructions are NOT clear about whether you need DC Blockers, or not. Everything seemed to imply that all outputs needed DC Blockers or the 7712R power supply would trip off. Since I hadn't ordered any I thought I'd try anyway to see if all my outputs would need one, and all worked OK! No pwr trips have ever occured, so not sure what the warning is all about.

    Posted on 2/28/2009

    Review of 7712R Review by JIM
    Review of 7712R

    100% satisfied. I never knew my cable tv could look so good.

    Posted on 6/8/2006

    Review of 7712R Review by BARNEY
    Review of 7712R

    Works as advertised on your website and in your catalog. Pleased with the product.

    Posted on 1/3/2006

    Review of 7712R Review by BRET
    Review of 7712R

    Great features, good product, seems to work well.

    Posted on 9/7/2005

    Review of 7712R Review by TONY
    Review of 7712R

    Met all of my requirements -- needed to drive 8 vcrs.

    Posted on 9/14/2003

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