Channel Plus 5525 Two Channel Digital IR Modulator

Channel Plus 5525 Two Channel Digital IR Modulator

Modulate Signals from Two Video Devices to Any Two Channels You Select
  • Sends audio/video signals to any TV
  • Modulates signals from two video sources to two user-selected channels
  • Capable of remotely controlling two video devices using IR accessories
  • Internal quartz crystal reference oscillators and PLL circuitry for drift-free performance



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  • The Channel Plus Two Channel Digital IR Modulator converts audio/video input signals from any two of your video devices (VCR, DVD player, satellite, or security camera) to two user-selected channels (UHF or CATV). Just select the channels you want to modulate to using the "program" button on the front — now you can tune-in to those channels to watch what's playing on your video devices. If you are watching a TV in another room, running back to the VCR or DVD player (to pause the movie), or satellite receiver (to change the channel) can be difficult and inconvenient. The two channel IR modulator has an integrated IR control engine that lets you remotely control your video devices. Cables, Video Distribution Amplifier, In-Wall IR Interface Panel, IR Target, IR Emitter, and Y adaptor sold separately.

    The Channel Plus Two Channel Digital IR Modulator converts up to two baseband video/audio input signals to any two user-selected UHF or Ultraband CATV channels. Select the Channel A or Channel B modulator using the "select" button, then choose the output frequency (UHF: 14–64; CATV: 65–125, excluding 95–99) using the "program" button. Any TV connected to the outputs via coax can receive the signals when the TV is tuned to either of the modulated channels. The two channel IR modulator has an integrated IR control engine with two IR repeater jacks, giving the ability to remotely control a video distribution panel (amplifier) without the need to run a powerline to the panel. With the addition of an IR wall plate with an attached IR sensor (emitter), you'll be able to send remote signals back to the two channel digital IR modulator over coax cable. The two channel IR modulator works with both 12-volt and 5-volt IR systems and accessories. The IR modulator also has two 75 ohm termination jumpers to loop-through the video and audio signals.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Channel Plus
    Manufacturer Product No.: 5525
    Dimensions: height: 1.5" (3.8cm), width: 7.97" (20.2cm), depth: 5.54" (14.1cm)
    Weight: 2 lbs. (0.91kg)
    Power: transformer input: 1051°25 VAC, transformer output: 15 VDC, 600mA
    Blank Blank
    Signal Inputs: two (2) video inputs (left & right combined for monaural)
    Signal Outputs: one (1) RF output two (2) IR ouput repeaters
    Frequency Ranges: UHF: 14°64, CATV: 651°25 (excludes 95°99)
    Warranty: one year

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    • Two Channel Digital IR Modulator Base
    • 15V DC AC Adaptor Cord
    • 4 Sticky Nonslip Feet
    • 4 Mounting Holes
    • Manual

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