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Hi, my name is Julie. I have been involved in product purchasing, marketing and retail merchandising for over 15 years.
I found my home here with
Smarthome 3 years ago and have since been bringing you, our customers, the latest in Solar & Energy Savers, Pet Care, and Other Cool Stuff.
I am always on the lookout
for the latest and greatest solutions in these areas to your everyday challenges, hopefully bringing the Smarthome way of life into your life. My goal is always to make your life more convenient, safe and fun!
February Product

My product pick of the month is: Plug-In And Battery Operated Flicker Candles
I started my collection of plug-in candles and discovered a way to add them to my automated lighting scene selection and created my own candlelight scene. I purchased several lamp modules, programmed them all to respond to the press of a button on my ControlLinc Tabletop Controller and plugged in my candles around the room for an instant relaxing candlelight setting. Guys, give this little bit of romance a try on your favorite female - I guarantee she'll love it.

Recently my teenage daughter started showing an interest in
decorating her room in her own style, and candles were high on her wish list. However, having safety concerns with regard to fire, I was hesitant to allow her to use them in her room. I knew right then that the Battery-Operated Candles from Enjoy Lighting would be a perfect solution that would satisfy both of our needs.
They look exactly like real, burning candles in every way. But
since the 'flame' is a set of long-lasting LED bulbs, they are completely safe, windproof, melt-proof, fireproof, and waterproof and hence, in my opinion, teenage girl-proof. They look and feel exactly like quality, heavy, wax candles, but they will not scratch, dent, melt, or deform even under the harshest conditions.
The realistic LEDs burn as bright as a real flame, and because
they are power-saving LEDs the AA batteries will last about 72 hours. She loves them, I love them. Lastly, I think you will find them much-appreciated gifts for everyone, including those you feel already have 'everything.'

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