Calrad 92-165 Surface-Mount IR Receiver

Calrad 92-165 Surface-Mount IR Receiver

Low-Profile Receiver Can be Installed in a Variety of Locations
  • Receives IR commands from up to 40 feet away
  • Compatible with most IR connecting blocks
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) reduces interference problems for reliable performance



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  • This IR receiver easily installs into numerous locations and allows you to control your infrared audio/video equipment even if it lies behind solid doors or walls. You can continue using your regular IR remote, up to 40 feet away. Point it at the IR receiver and send the desired command. A red LED flashes to indicate that signals were received. Signals are then sent to your connecting block, where it can be forwarded onto the emitters and appropriate devices. The receiver stays discreet, keeping your entertainment center stream-lined and efficient.

    To complete an IR system using this receiver, kit you will need to add either a 2-Port or 6-Port IR Connecting Block, and the corresponding single or dual IR flashing emitters; connecting block and emitters each sold separately.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Calrad
    Manufacturer Product No. 92-165
    UPC 601520921655
    Dimensions 2.14" W x 0.56" H x 0.52" D
    Power 12VDC 31mA maximum
    Receive Frequency 36kHz and 58kHz
    Transmit Frequency 40kHz and 56kHz
    Range On Axis, 55 to 80 feet
    30 degrees Off Axis, 30 to 55 feet
    Termination 6-foot cable, 3.5mm stereo plug
    Color Black
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    Review of 79013 Review by Steve
    Review of 79013

    Before ordering, I called Calrad to ask a question. They asked what connector block I was using. When I said Xantech, they told me that the 3.5mm plug on this IR receiver was not compatible with Xantech blocks and that I would need to cut off the plug, strip the wires and connect to the wire terminals on the Xantech block. i have done things like that countless times so that was not an issue so i ordered it. What they did not say is that the cable is 24 gauge and inside that are the 3 wires needing to be stripped which are MUCH smaller than 24 gauge. In addition, each wire has stranded copper not solid so each of the 3 wires had about 5 strands of copper that were each no thicker than a human hair. My Air Force wire stripper, which i have used for 40 years, has 22 gauge as the smallest. What should have taken a few minutes, took about forever. I finally got it wired and working but the amount of copper in each of the 3 is so little that it is amazing that it ever worked. Because I cut off the plug, I can not return it to Smarthome. I NEVER would have bought this if I would have known then what i know now. the only good thing I have to say is that it is a good form factor that adheres to a black TV and blends right in and that it works - at least for now. In over 40 years of messing with electronics, I have never seen so little copper in a wire.

    Posted on 2/14/2014

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