Calrad 55-648-75 High-Speed 1080p 3D HDMI 1.4 Cable with Ethernet, 75 Foot

Enjoying the Latest HD Video and Surround Sound Audio Requires the Right Cable - Like This!
  • Supports High-Speed data transfer and resolutions up to 1080p, with 3D and 4K x 2K support
  • Includes support for Etherent over HDMI
  • CL2 Rated for in-wall or in-ceiling installations
  • Built-in signal amplifier ideal for long distance installation with no data loss



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  • The Calrad High-Speed 1080p HDMI cable features all of the latest advances that offer you the ability to enjoy the best content from all of the most modern components and audio video technology. High-Speed HDMI version 1.4 supports all of the previous HDMI technology such as HD 1080p video, Deep Color , Dolby and DTS-HD surround sound audio, and data transfer speeds up to 10.2 Gbit/s. Version 1.4 separates itself from previos HDMI version with additon of 3D over HDMI, 4K x 2K resolution supportm, audio return channel (ARC) and an Ethernet Channel. Additional, this cable has a CL2 rating which allows for in-wall or in-ceiling installations. This Calrad High-Speed 1080p HDMI cable will meet or exceed the latest standards and rigorous demands of today's HDMI applications. It supports both audio and video data transmission to and from DVD players, Blu-ray players, PS3 and Xbox 360 gaming systems, HDTV devices, audio-visual sources, projectors, and other video displays. Though HDTV is constantly changing, HDMI technology is dominant is the standard connection for all HD audio/video devices. HDMI is 100% digital from source to display.

    Note: This cable features a passive in-line signal amplifier which must be connected to the display end of your HDMI connection

    This HDMI cable is available in the following lengths, to ensure you have the right size for your installation:
    1 Foot3 Feet6 Feet10 Feet12 Feet15 Feet20 Feet25 Feet30 Feet35 Feet50 Feet60 Feet75 Feet100 Feet

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Calrad
    Manufacturer Product No. 55-648-75
    UPC 601520648750
    Length 1 Foot
    HDMI Version 1.4
    Connectors Type-A, 19-Pin, Gold Plated
    sRGB Support Yes
    YCbCr Support Yes
    8 Channel LPCM, 192 kHz, 24 Bit Audio Capability Yes
    Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Video and Audio at Full Resolution Yes
    Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) Yes
    DVD-Audio Support Yes
    Super Audio CD (DSD) Support Yes
    Deep Color Yes
    xvYCC Support Yes
    Auto Lip-Sync Yes
    Dolby TrueHD Bitstream Capable Yes
    DTS-HD Master Audio Bitstream Capable Yes
    Updated List of CEC Commands Yes
    3D over HDMI Support Yes (Available on HDMI 1.4 & 1.4a Cables Only)
    Ethernet Channel Yes (Available on HDMI 1.4 & 1.4a Cables Only)
    Audio Return Channel (ARC) Yes (Available on HDMI 1.4 & 1.4a Cables Only)
    4K x 2K Resolution Support Yes (Available on HDMI 1.4 & 1.4a Cables Only)
    Maximum Clock Rate (MHz) 340 MHz
    Maximum TMDS Throughput Per Channel (Gbit/s) Including 8b/10b Overhead 3.40
    Maximum Total TMDS Throughput (Gbit/s) Including 8b/10b Overhead 10.2
    Maximum Throughput (Gbit/s) with 8b/10b Overhead Removed 36.86
    Maximum Audio Throughput (Mbit/s) 36.86
    Maximum Color Depth (bit/px.) 48
    Maximum Resolution Over Single Link at 24-bit/px 4096x2160p24
    Maximum Resolution Over Single Link at 30-bit/px 4096x2160p24
    MaximumRresolution Over Single Link at 36-bit/px 4096x2160p24
    Maximum Resolution Over Single Link at 48-bit/px 1920x1200p60
    Installtion Rating CL2 (OK for in-wall/celing)
    Certifications RoHS, UL

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