CAI Networks WC32 WebControl 32

CAI Networks WC32 WebControl 32

Program and Control Logic Sequences
  • 16 TTL input & 16 TTL output
  • PWM output
  • 8 analog input (0-5V range 10 bit resolution)
  • 16 email notification and WEBSET to send notification to web servers.
  • 16 1-wire temperature sensors supported
  • I2C and SPI support



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  • Connecting and controlling home, office and industrial equipment by application servers or web browsers can be costly and challenging. The CAi Networks WebControl Universal Industrial Controller is an innovative, flexible, and affordable solution that extends the capabilities of computer servers. This is accomplished by allowing integration with a network gateway and a router to form a patent pending smart grid technology.

    Harnessing the power and openness of Internet web technology, WebControl uses W3C standard-based client/server communication methods to bring remote monitoring and control of equipment to any web browser -- anywhere, anytime, and with unsurpassed convenience and flexibility -- or to a web server, which can use GET/WGET to read status of input and output of other equipment through WebControl, so monitoring and control can be achieved through web-based applications.

    Flexible Output
    The eight TTL output is, by default, at logic zero. When an output is triggered or turned on, it sends out 5V, maximum drive current 20MA per output. It is capable to drive an optical isolated SSR (Solid State Relay, normal input control voltage 3-32V current is < 10mA) device to run a motor, siren, light, heater, refrigerator, or other desired component.

    WebControl allows users to control each output through browser from thousands miles away, or through its built-in BRE(Boolean Run Engine)automatically, or through the WGET protocol from application servers.

    Supplicated Control
    WebControl's BRE (Boolean Run Engine) allows "AND", "OR", "delay", or "momentary on" for each output based on all the I/O condition. There is no learning curve, simply use browser and keyboard to enter the I/O needed for the control logic. It has delay function allow 0 to 6335 seconds delay for ON or OFF in the BRE. The momentary ON function has resolution of 0.1 to 100 second(s).

    WebControl PLC has a true PLC firmware. The PLC firmware allows user to write assembly like PLC code to compare inputs, define timer or delays, and determine when to send email notifications. Users can write up to 4000 lines of PLC code. There are real examples in the PLC User Guide for reference. Users needs to decide if the WebControl purchased loaded with PLC firmware or BRE firmware.

    Simple to Install and Manage
    WebControl resides as a well-behaved 10BaseT-interfaced device on the local network and has a built-in DHCP client to automate network configuration that can be defeated to assign a fixed IP address via WebControl's browser-based interface. WebControl's host name can be set as desired for installations with multiple WebControl units and local time zones to reflect the location.

    WebControl has an embedded web server to facilitate its browser-based interface, built-in SMTP, and NTP time servers to facilitate outbound email notifications, and time synchronization. WebControl provides authenticated access, and security can be enhanced by allowing network access to WebControl from only authorized IP address ranges.

    Automatic Notifications
    WebControl is capable of automatically sending email notifications to a specified user, a mailing list, or a cell phone when the state changes on any of its eight outputs. With this notification feature, advice can be sent automatically. For example, when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees and the air conditioner is turned off, when humidity has reached 90% and a humidifier is turned on, or when a secure area has been breached and a siren is activated, notifications would be sent.

    Energy Efficient Device
    WebControl requires 9V DC power source not to exceed 12VDC (9VDC is recommended) power source. With no load, it consumes 170MA. (< 2 watts. When driving power load, the load driven current is in addition to the WebControl CPU.)

  • Specifications

    Brand CAI Networks
    Brand Product No. WC32
    UPC 723662100054
    Dimensions W 5" x L 5" x H 2"
    Weight 2 lbs
    Usage Indoor use only
    DS18B20/DS1822 Temperature Sensor 8
    Honeywell Humidity Sensor 1
    Power Consumption
    Without Load 5mA
    With Full Load 240 mA
    Power Supply
    DC 9V (Recommended)
    AC 12V (Use if DC is not available)
    Operation Temperature
    Air Cool -45C to +85C (In extreme hot condition active air cooling is recommended)
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    Super flexible and outstanding support from manufacturer Review by Sandry Seibert
    Super flexible and outstanding support from manufacturer

    I've recently purchased the WC32 after two years using the WC8 and I'm pretty impressed with the high quality and flexibility of this PLC.
    The program commands are extremely easy to work with, there are many examples on the manual and the folks from CAI Networks are very smart to help you if the application becomes hard to program.
    It was easy to integrate with my Universal Devices ISY and then populate data to Smart Energy Group to have a data logger of my entire home.
    My application integrates a current meter for my solar panels, a power consumption of key equipment like heater, air conditioning system, lights, water pressure using a 0-5v transmitter, hot water tank temperature, rooms temperature, bedroom humidity and some state switched installed on my doors and windows. All these on a single board and integrated to ISY.

    Posted on 1/6/2016

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