Cable Capture 65 Capture Stacker Cord Organizer

Cable Capture 65 Capture Stacker Cord Organizer

Eliminates Unsightly and Annoying Piles of Power Cords and Cables
  • Manage up cords and cables from up to six components
  • Includes six Cable Captures, base and handle for easy stacking
  • Each Cable Capture holds up to 8 feet of cable



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  • Keeping the cords and cables of your computer or home theater system organized can be frustrating if you aren't using the right product. Twist-ties and straps can keep cords from getting tangled, but you'll still be left with an unsightly pile of cords behind your equipment. Sleeves and covers simply bunch the cables together, making it hard to distinguish which cable goes to what electronic device.

    The Cable Stacker Cord Organizer is an effective and space-saving way to keep your cords and cables clean and organized and easy to identify. Six individual Cable Captures are included to allow you to connect and manage cords from up to six different components. Simply lift the flexible hood of the Cable Capture and wrap the excess cord or cable around the center column, and then press the ends of the cord into the slots in the bottom plate. Then stack the Cable Captures on top of one another. With the Cable Captures stacked vertically, you can save floor space without needing to attach anything to your walls or furniture. Once stacked, you'll easily be able to see which cord goes to which device, making it easy to unplug and replace components as necessary.

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    Review of 90451 Review by BILL
    Review of 90451

    Effective means of winding up and retaining slack in power and signal cords. Amount of cord wound up depends on the thickness of the cord. You can wind up about 5' of standard AC zip cord. If you need more capacity, add another module.

    Odd looking when stacked, but the gray color is inconspicuous. Much better and safer than a tangle of cords and cables.

    Only down side is that the individual modules weigh down the cables to which they are attached. To be fair, most of the weight comes from the cable wound onto the module.

    Posted on 2/7/2014

    Review of 90451 Review by CHRISTINA
    Review of 90451

    As described and fast shipping. Thanks.

    Posted on 9/11/2013

    Review of 90451 Review by LEE
    Review of 90451

    I love this product. I gotit for a good price and had no issues receiving my order.

    Posted on 1/19/2013

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    • Six (6) Cable Captures
    • One (1) base
    • One (1) handle

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