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Insteon Installation Services
Insteon Installation Services

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A Buy It Installed Certified Contractor will ensure proper installation services for your order. Please contact the Buy it Installed Call Center line at 888-338-6719 with any questions regarding your order. Representatives are available Monday-Friday, 7:30 am- 4:30 pm PacificTime to assist you.

What you need to do prior to the Technicians arrival:

  • Make sure the internet is working.
  • Please verify that the shipment is in good condition and complete before arranging for the On-Site Service appointment.
  • Have a person 18 years or older present, for the entire On-Site Service to approve changes.
  • Be prepared to help plan your system.
  • Please inform the Contractor of special parking requirements and any no parking days such as street sweeping.
  • Make all reasonable accommodations to permit the Contractor to provide the On-Site Service.
  • Remove pets and other animals from the On-Site Service area.
  • Make sure all valuables, breakables and wall hangings are moved from the Service area.
  • Make sure there is a clear path to the On-Site Service area clear of furniture and other obstacles.

What the Technicians will do as part of this Statement of Work:

  • Before beginning work, survey the On-Site Service location.
  • Unpack and inspect the product prior to beginning.
  • Download the app to included products if needed.
  • Install included products and verify operation.
  • Move the trash to a location the Consumer approved.

Out of Scope Work:

The following additional On-Site Services are sometimes required, but not commonly enough to include them and charge you as part of the Statement of Work. If any of these additional services are determined to be needed, you will be given the opportunity to accept or decline prior to the additional services being sold and provided by the Technician. The Technician will call in your request for additional On-Site Services and payment for these additional services will be made by you over the phone.

  • Reprogramming or reinstalling existing devices.
  • Furnishing any materials.
  • Grounding circuits, repairs to wiring, fuses, or any work other than that described.
  • Correction of existing code violations.
  • Permits, or the time to acquire them.
  • After hours’ work.
  • Drywall or plaster repair, staining or painting.

Closing/Concluding your On-Site Services:

The Contractor will ask you to sign the On-Site Services Completion Form.

Cancellation Disclaimer:

Cancellations and Refunds: This Services order must be canceled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time to qualify for a refund. Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice are subject to a $65 cancellation fee. All service cancellation must done via the Buy it Installed Call Center line at 888-338-6719; representatives are available Monday-Friday, 7: 30 am - 4:30 pm PacificTime to assist you.

Legal Disclaimer:

All On-Site Services contained herein are sold to you and performed by the Contractor. You and the Contractor are the buyer and seller. This transaction is being facilitated through Buy It Installed, a complex human systems automation company, using the BII System. By using the BII System and buying On-Site Services from the Contractor, you agree to Buy It Installed’s Universal Terms and Conditions located at www.BuyItInstalled.com/utc. The UTC’s are distinct and different from the terms and conditions of the Retailer from whom you buy your Products.

“Buy It Installed”, “BII System”, “Craftsman Republic” and “Inspiration to Installation” are trademarks or servicemarks of Service Trading Company, Inc. (“our”). Our business process is proprietary and unique, and is protected by a filed and pending utility patent. This disclaimer serves as constructive notice under 35 USC 287(a). The information contained herein is our confidential and proprietary information and is covered by our Non-Disclosure Agreement and our Universal Terms and Conditions. Any disclosure, copying, distribution, reproduction, or any other use of any of our information without our express written consent is strictly prohibited.

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