Buffalo Electronics IR-250 Wall-Mount IR Sensor

Buffalo Electronics IR-250 Wall-Mount IR Sensor

High Performance, Ultra Thin J-Box IR Repeater
  • Compatible with CRT, Plasma, LCD, and LED TVs
  • Advanced design suppresses noise and yields reliable IR data transmissions
  • Exceptional 35-40 foot range and 130



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  • The IR-250 is a stylish ultra-thin high performance IR repeater. It takes the most popular infrared remote control system used today to a new level. The IR-250 offers the convenience and ease of standard electrical box installation along with the same superior performance that small surface mount tube repeaters add to a system. If your system wiring is usually a bit tight in the electrical box, the extra room in the IR-250's very shallow 1/2 inch depth affords can make life a little easier. The Wall-mount IR Sensor includes a wiring terminal on the rear for connection to three or four conductor cable. The IR Sensor is powered by 12 volts DC from the IR Connection Block. This IR sensor may be used with other models and brands (generally up to 16 on one system) without interference.

    Note: If you are installing this sensor close to a LCD or Plasma TV, be aware that there may be some interference. We recommend testing the sensors ability to repeat IR commands before drilling holes in your wall.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Buffalo Electronics
    Manufacturer Product No.: IR-250
    Pick-up Range: Approx. 40 ft.
    Pick-up Angle: 130°
    IR Bandwidth: 30-120 kHz
    Wiring: Screw terminals
    Colors: White & Ivory
    Dimensions: 1 3/4" W x 4 1/8" H x 1" D

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    Review of 8100 Review by RYAN
    Review of 8100

    Works like a charm. No interface from decent sized led monitirs

    Posted on 4/5/2014

    Review of 8100 Review by JORGE
    Review of 8100

    Like all Buffalo products, work as expected. Only issue I had is that it is not as good as the round repeater in receiving the IR signal. You have to point the remote directly at it for signals to be received.

    Posted on 2/17/2011

    Review of 8100 Review by JAMES
    Review of 8100

    this is the 2nd wall mount ir sensor I've purchased. 1st is still going strong after 4 years. High wife acceptance factor

    Posted on 8/14/2010

    Review of 8100 Review by John
    Review of 8100

    I have 5 of the receivers in my home. 3 on 1 system and adding more,1 on the other in a dedicated theater room and one in our master bed. You do get interference from LCD's or Plasma. There is no warm up time the TV's make noise that interfere with the infra red. Try taking a piece of a white avery sticker and put it over the red hole,that helps. You can also take the receiver out of the wall and lean it backwardsfacing the wall and up between the TV and the wall mount. It will still receive signal. You can also daisy chain these together, like christmas lights. I run a Yamaha RV665 dual zone HT tuner and have added receivers all over, even out on my patio to control audio with one remote all over my home. If you get stuck, call Kurt at Buffalo support line, he is the engineer/designer and he knows his stuff. And his stuff works well its the TV's causing your issues. Keep playing with it, you'll work it out.

    Posted on 3/6/2010

    Review of 8100 Review by JOSH
    Review of 8100

    I had some trouble with one of the wire receptacles on the back being bent/twisted to the point it wouldn't screw-down to connect. Thought I was going to have to return it, but fixed it myself. Worked fine for a week and now seems to not pick up signal from remotes at the same distance. Going to check remote for battery issues.

    Easy to install, but directions suggested CAT-5 paired wires, but found I needed a thicker gauge (ended up with thermostat wiring)

    Posted on 2/4/2010

    Review of 8100 Review by AUBREY
    Review of 8100

    Easy to set up works very well,great for home theater installation

    Posted on 1/6/2010

    Review of 8100 Review by LAN
    Review of 8100

    This wall mount IR Sensor works great so far. It has been used for a month now and has no problem. It actually works better than Niles's equivalent product and it's a much better value than the Niles. I recommend this product over the Niles' wall mount IR sensor.

    Posted on 12/10/2009

    Review of 8100 Review by MILES
    Review of 8100

    Easy to install and works well. The small green feedback LED is a nice feature.

    Posted on 8/15/2009

    Review of 8100 Review by JACQUES
    Review of 8100

    Too sensitive to sun light. Great otherwise.

    Posted on 6/7/2009

    Review of 8100 Review by SANDEEP
    Review of 8100

    Works really well, once its "warmed up". I have an LCD TV and when I switch the TV on, the first couple of minutes the remote doesn't work. After that, no problems.

    Posted on 5/8/2009

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