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Flic Smart Buttons

Control light, music, and appliances in your home at the push of a button and keep it simple for every member in your family to understand.

3 Simple Shortcuts
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Double Click

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Black & White, 3-Pack


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Flic Button

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  • Music Button

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  • Location Button

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  • Selfie Button

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What's so great about Flic?
Flic Sub Banner Easy Set Up
Easy Set Up

Set favorite actions to each button Connect multiple Flics together with the Flic Hub 100+ compatible devices & services

Stick It & Clip It

Stick good to any surface like walls or desks Attach to clothes or key ring with a clip Works well as a fixed button or a clicker

Flic Sub Banner Stick It & Clip It
Flic Sub Banner Built For Everyday Use
Built For Everyday Use

Wearable & Reusable Weather resistant; use it indoors & out Long lasting battery life up to 18 months Works up to 30m/100 feet away

How Do I Use My Flic?
Get Started
  • Out of the box your flic will have a pulsing red light which means it's not connected
  • Download the Flic App
  • Log in or create a new account
  • Connect your Flic by following the instructions
Set Up
  • Make sure you have the Flic app open & you are logged into your account
  • If you have multiple Flics, choose the one you want to set up by the correct symbol
  • Tap the bouncing Flic symbol to move onto the action set up page
  • Choose the trigger - Click, Double Click, or Hold
  • Click Add in the top right corner & your Flic is ready to go
Sub Banner Compatible Devices
Compatible Devices
100+ Compatible Devices & Services

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