BlueSpray 8 Zone Wi-Fi Lawn Watering Control Box


BlueSpray 8 Zone Wi-Fi Lawn Watering Control Box

Your Smart Device Is Your New Lawn Watering Hose
  • Unlimited start, zone and seasonal settings
  • Flexible watering schedules
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Stores up to 1-year of information
  • Overhead view of home and sprinkler locations



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  • The BlueSpray Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller expands on standard sprinkler systems allowing you to control and schedule watering times from virtually any Internet accessible computer, smartphone or tablet. The system can be easily configured to fit your specific needs and easily replaces your existing sprinkler control box. Communication with the sprinkler control box requires an Internet connection and no special software or downloadable applications are required. The user interface is friendly, intuitive, and incredibly easy to use. The absence of special software or downloadable applications allows you to control and monitor the irrigation controller from your smart device or computer anywhere in the world by activating the port forwarding function of your home's Internet router and registering and logging into your BlueSpray website account. Directly accessing the BlueSpray website and adjusting your irrigation settings eliminates the hassles related to weak Wi-Fi connections, monthly cloud service and application fees, and unsecure wireless home network connections.

    The irrigation controller groups sprinkler heads into zones that can be expanded from a minimum of one zone to a maximum of 8 zones. Zones are virtually placed near a group of sprinklers and can be viewed from an overhead image of your home from the BlueSpray website. These zones can be named so you don't have to remember which number goes to which zone for easy identification, especially if you forget where sprinklers are located or if a specific area around your home needs more watering than other parts.

    Programming and Scheduling
    Along with individualized names, each zone can be flexibly controlled to prevent unnecessary watering by adjusting the watering schedule, watering duration, and seasonal climate sensor settings. Zones can also be programmed to run on even or odd days, every "X" number of days, or on specific days you want the zones to activate and water your lawn. What makes this irrigation controller unique compared to other conventional irrigation controllers are the seasonal climate adjustment settings that allow you to adjust your watering needs according to the season and climate. You can schedule as many seasonal settings for each zone as you want and how much water will be used based on the zone settings. For example, if you have a zone set for 10 minutes, 100% means the system will water for 10 minutes, but 50% means the system will water for 5 minutes for the particular season or months you set the seasonal settings to.

    In addition to flexible scheduling the irrigation controller can delay or stop watering based on the weather forecast, whether it's going to rain or if it is too cold or too windy. The delayed watering settings allow you to skip watering for a maximum of 60 days and will stop all scheduled watering times until the delay period expires. The irrigation controller can be configured to evaluate the forecast before watering begins from a minimum of one hour to 24 hours maximum. Besides weather, the controller will also evaluate temperature and wind speed. If at any time the weather, temperature, or wind speed does not match your watering schedule and settings the irrigation control box will cancel all watering until the conditions are appropriate.

    Garage Door Feature
    The BlueSpray Irrigation Controller does not only give you complete control of your irrigation system, but it will also give you control of opening and closing your garage door. Connecting your garage door sensor to the irrigation controller is done similarly to connecting your irrigation zones. For example, you'll be able to program BlueSpray to close or open your garage door automatically so that you don't wake up one morning and see your garage was opened all night. When you are vacation, you will not need to check as the door will remain closed.

    Application Programming Interface (API)
    BlueSpray has an industry standard Application Programming Interface (API) that can be integrated into any home automation software giving you control of everything inside the home.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer BlueSpray
    Manufacturer Product No. BSC08i
    UPC 753677585508
    Transmission Type Manual

    Maximum Amount of Zones 8 zones
    Application No application
    Sensor Settings Rain Sensor

    Door Sensor

    Operation Settings Master Valve

    Delay Watering

    Bypass Rain Sensor

    Stack Runs

    Lawn Picture
    Weather Settings Chance of rain

    Extend forecast


    Wind Speed
    System Settings Controller Name

    Operating Mode

    Network SSID, Encryption Key
    Manufacturer Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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    Review of 31492 Review by Boyce
    Review of 31492

    After weeks of looking for a Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller I stopped looking. Then I got a

    Posted on 3/31/2014

    Review of 31492 Review by Boyce
    Review of 31492

    After weeks of looking for a Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller I stopped looking. Then I got a

    Posted on 3/31/2014

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