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New Year, Smarter You

It’s a New Year which means you and everyone else is thinking of ways to crush your 2019 goals. No matter what your goals are we are here to help! We know the quickest way to accomplish more is to be more efficient with your time. So we put together a list of ways to do just that, in the best way we know how, with smart home devices and electronics. The best way to get things done is to be on time, have a plan, and execute that plan.

To be on time you have to be sure you have reliable sources that will hold you accountable which is why our smart home device of choice is Amazon Echo, Alexa.


This is such a simple step to a better you in the New Year. Alexa makes it simple to activate a one time or repeating alarm. The steps are easy and straightforward in your Alexa app. Go to the Reminders & Alarms section, then choose that option and select the preferences as needed.

You can go to sleep with ease, knowing someone has your back in the morning. You can also set the alarm with your voice by saying, “Set an alarm for (time of day)” or set a repeating alarm for (day+time).” When the alarm goes off all you have to say is “STOP” to silence it or “SNOOZE” to turn it off for nine more minutes.

We recommend not saying SNOOZE this New Year. Get up and get going, because your goals are waiting for you to get up and show up.


But we also don’t want you to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. The best way to wake up is to the sound of your favorite song or music. One that will motivate you to get up!

Last year, Amazon launched a long awaited feature that allowed people to wake up to music. To use this option just say “Alexa, wake me up to music every day at 7a.m.”

We all know that getting enough sleep improves your productivity. This New Year focus on getting more sleep, and peaceful sleep, knowing that you’ll be waking up on time and in a good mood.


Sometimes the hardest part of the morning is getting up and turning on the lights. The amazon echo works with many smart home devices that eliminate those morning hassles with just a simple command. You can even set up your lights to slightly brighten to help you wake up naturally and not abruptly.

You can do this through products like Belkin’s Wemo Smart Plugs that let you activated connected devices on a schedule.


In 2019 make an effort to know more about what is going on in the world, traffic, and your local community. Alexa can help you with that, buy sharing the daily news. You can set up a routine with Alexa where when you wake up, then she can read you a flash briefing comprised of the latest headlines.

Routines get set up through the Alexa app. From the main menu, tap routines. Hit the plus sign in the upper right hand corner too begin.

2019 is looking bright! And you don’t even have to turn on the switch. Set up alarms, routines, and get up to date with Alexa. New Year, smarter you.

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