Smart Devices and Hacks For The Laziest People
We’ve been anything but lazy today here at Smarthome unearthing some of the coolest products to make your life easier and more convenient. While hunting for the best smart devices for the laziest people, we largely ignored the standard-issue tech. In a sense, most connected kit is ideal if you’re always looking for a shortcut. So, while we’ve included a few of the more commonplace devices, our main focus today is on niche products. Sure, you might not need these devices but you’ll certainly want them! We’ll cut straight to the chase now with a snapshot of the following awesome ways to inject even more convenience into your smart home in 2020.

14 Smart Devices and Appliances For The Laziest People

  1. A Smart Speaker For Whole-House Laziness
  2. Whitening Toothbrush with Wireless Charging For a Lazy Hollywood Smile
  3. Steam Press For an Effortless and Immaculate Look
  4. Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock To Start Your Day
  5. Mini Single-Serve Coffee Maker For Push-Button Convenience
  6. Self-Stirring Coffee Mug To Streamline Your Mornings
  7. Perfect Eggs For Breakfast The Lazy Way
  8. Multipurpose Instant Pot For Ease In The Kitchen
  9. Adjustable Table So You Can Work In Bed
  10. Robotic Vacuum For Maid Service Without The Monthly Bill
  11. App-Enabled Robotic Mop For The Finishing Touches
  12. Smart Outlet To Remote Control Regular Appliances
  13. Intelligent Suitcase To Simplify Travelling
  14. Pet Camera and Automatic Treat Dispenser

1) A Smart Speaker For Whole-House Laziness

While for the most part today we’ll be sidestepping standard smart tech, we can’t fail to mention smart speakers. While you can enjoy navigating your media hands-free and get help organizing your day, these are not the primary use cases for most smart speakers. Affording you voice control of your smart home, these nifty little devices are ideal if you’re lazy since you’ll be streamlining control of tech throughout your home. You’ve got three main choices here:
  • Amazon Alexa: Echo devices
  • Google Assistant: Google Home and Google Nest
  • Siri: HomePod
Once you’ve chosen your weapon, it’s time to indulge the lazy side of your character. Bark commands at your preferred device and your virtual butler will do all the heavy lifting for you. Check out our forthcoming head-to-head between Amazon and Google if you’re torn between the two big boys of the smart speaker space.

2) Whitening Toothbrush with Wireless Charging For a Lazy Hollywood Smile

Brushing your teeth might not be the most taxing task but it’s even less hassle if you treat yourself to this affordable and highly effective U-shaped whitening toothbrush. You’ll get a wireless charging base eliminating the hassle and expense of replacing batteries constantly while making your life easier. A full charge delivers up to 2 weeks of daily brushing. Rotate between 4 cleaning modes:
  • Daily brushing
  • Firm brushing
  • Gum massage
  • Whitening
You’ve got all you need right there for comprehensive oral hygiene at the push of a button. Unlike many electric toothbrushes, this model is waterproof and rated IPX7. Sluice with water directly after brushing with no concerns about safety. The toothbrush must be dry for charging, though. If you’re lazy, brushing your teeth is the last thing you want to skip so treat your teeth with the love and care they deserve. At the same time, indulge your lazy side!

3) Steam Press For an Effortless and Immaculate Look

Pressing and ironing clothes is undeniably a huge chore. While some might argue it’s therapeutic, most find it simply tedious. Luckily, there’s a solution in the form of this automated steam press. Get dry cleaner results without the stiff bill or the nasty chemicals. You can deal with the following fabrics:
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Nylon
  • Silk
  • Wool
With those options, you should be able to deal with the vast bulk of your wardrobe. The unit heats up in minutes flat so you won’t have any tiresome waiting around. Auto shut-off keeps you safeguarded against accidentally leaving your press engaged. You’ll get everything you need bundled down to a pressing cushion, measuring cup, and spray bottle so you get your new smart butler commissioned right out the box. If you want an immaculate look without the effort of ironing, invest in this smart press and you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner.

4) Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock To Start Your Day

Next up is one of our favorite devices here at Smarthome: a coffee brewing alarm clock. Looking more like a science lab experiment than a conventional coffee maker, the looks aren’t all that’s different about this idler’s dream. You can use the machine as an alarm clock so you can wake to the tantalizing smell of fresh coffee. If you get disturbed by bright lights in the bedroom, the display dims neatly to counteract this. The permanent filter will appeal to the lazy, too. No need to keep scuttling off to buy paper replacements. This unit takes care of everything from heating water to the optimum temperature for coffee and cooling the milk automatically. Of course, if you don’t need another alarm clock, you can still enjoy all the benefits of coffee that practically makes itself. The Barisieur gives you gourmet coffee without any of the intricate and time-consuming brewing process so what’s not to love?

5) Mini Single-Serve Coffee Maker For Push-Button Convenience

If you’re not sold on the aesthetics or the stiff price tag of the Barisieur above, why not roll with this pocket-friendly Keurig single-serve coffee machine? If you want to simplify making coffee, pod-based machines are the perfect answer. All you need to do is The scaled-down dimensions of this model make it a wise bet for small and crowded kitchens. Despite the compact footprint, you can slip the drip tray out and accommodate your tall travel mug. As with all single-serve machines, clean-up is just as easy as operation. All you need to do is remove the empty capsules and descale the machine automatically every couple months. Auto shut-off helps to reduce energy wastage while also keeping you safe and sound. In the interests of accuracy, we should throw in that the taste of pod coffee is not to everyone’s liking but the convenience angle is a surefire winner! What you need next is something to cut down even more on clean-up…

6) Self-Stirring Coffee Mug To Streamline Your Mornings

If you’re wondering why anyone would pay good money for a self-stirring coffee mug, we did warn you that these are products for the laziest people! If even the idea of washing up a spoon seems a bit too much, why not opt for a self-stirring mug? Made from stainless steel, you’ll benefit from first-class heat retention. Automatic battery-powered fluid stirring not only cuts down on crockery but also ensures your coffee stays warmer for longer. Whether you use instant coffee, the single-serve machine we suggest above, or another coffee machine, give the lazy side of your character a treat with this self-stirring mug. It would also make a neat gift for any lazy loved ones. OK… Now you’re out of bed and caffeinated, it’s time for some food the easy way…

7) Perfect Eggs For Breakfast The Lazy Way

Now, it might not be too much trouble to cook up some eggs but we told you today’s products were for lazy people! The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is highly versatile. Whether you like your eggs poached, scrambled or in omelet form, kiss goodbye to the hassle of cooking them yourself. If you’re tired of rushing around in the morning, just punch in how you want your eggs done and set the timer. Don’t worry about the safety angle either as auto shut-off is in place. Compact and weighing less than a pound, this cool device is portable enough to take out in the RV. You can boil up to 6 eggs at a time or poach a pair. Considering the ultra-low price of this kitchen helper, you should treat yourself at the earliest opportunity. As a parting shot, we’ve got a great hack for lazy people. When you need to clean the mess eggs leave behind, use cold water instead of hot. If you doubt whether this works, try it once and you’ll never look back!

8) Multipurpose Instant Pot For Ease In The Kitchen

We’re staying in the kitchen for this super-versatile Instant Pot giving you 7-in-1 functionality:
  • Pressure cooker
  • Rice cooker
  • Sauté pan
  • Slow cooker
  • Steamer
  • Warmer
  • Yogurt maker
As if this wasn’t enough, you get 14 pre-sets baked in giving you push-button simplicity. Whether you’re a capable cook or a rank amateur, you’ll appreciate the ease of use married to flexibility. No less than 10 safety features come as standard spanning auto shut-off to overheat protection. With a generous 6-quart capacity, you’ll be able to rustle up dinner for a large family without breaking a sweat. As if that’s not enough, the free app is laden with recipes to get your creative juices flowing.

9) Adjustable Table So You Can Work In Bed

If you work from home, maybe some mornings you feel too lazy to get started and into the home office. Why not grab yourself this cheap but highly effective adjustable laptop table? USB-powered cooling fans mean your laptop won’t end up overheating and the aluminum build is lightweight yet rugged. It doesn’t get much lazier than working in bed so give this laptop table a try if you’re prone to bouts of torpor!

10) Robotic Vacuum For Maid Service Without The Monthly Bill

Classic labor-saving devices beloved by the lazy and hardworking alike, robotic vacuums don’t get much better than the Neato Robotics Botvac D7. LaserSmart mapping ensures your robotic helper can glide easily around complex layouts without you lifting a finger. Demarcate no-go zones if you’ve get anywhere you want to keep Botvac away from. Unlike the majority of robovacs, this Neato gem is equally at home cleaning hard flooring or carpets. Scheduling is a cinch in-app. You can also use either Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. All you’ll need is the requisite smart speaker. The physical design of Botvac ensures you’ll get corner-to-corner cleaning without leaving the couch. With most smart tech, we’ll point out how you can bag yourself a bargain. With robotic vacuums, on the other hand, you should consider paying more and you’ll be glad you did. D7 is a class-leading and highly intelligent cleaning solution that will not disappoint. How could you simplify your cleaning duties still further? Read on…

11) App-Enabled Robotic Mop For The Finishing Touches

The might iRobot brings a gift for the lazy: an automated mop ideal for buffing up those hard floors without all the hassle. The highly efficient and methodical cleaning system will have your floors gleaming while you’re sat watching a movie. You can create virtual barriers to keep this robotic mop where it belongs. The ideal solution for your kitchen or bathroom, take the helm in-app and congratulate yourself for giving in to your lazy side without compromising the hygiene in your connected home.

12) Smart Outlet To Remote Control Regular Appliances

While we’ve mainly avoided regular smart home tech today, we can’t leave smart outlets out of the equation. iDevices has an outstanding smart plug that doesn’t call for a home hub but what does it do? Put simply, you can smarten up small, dumb appliances so you won’t need to keep getting up to dim the lights or turn on the fan. As with most smart tech in 2020, you can use Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri as long as you have the right smart speaker in place. With both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity onboard, you won’t need a third-party gateway either so what are you waiting for?

13) Intelligent Suitcase To Simplify Travelling

If you’re a frequent traveler, why not uprate your luggage and pander to your lazy side with this smart aluminum suitcase? Fingerprint unlocking is not only a timesaver but also ramps up security. Capable of traveling autonomously, you can stroll through the airport coffee in hand while your suitcase hustles along beside you. Intelligent obstacle avoidance ensures you won’t end up losing your case or finding it smashing into passersby. An external USB port gives you the ability to juice up your phone and laptop when you’re on the move. Despite the top-notch security, you’ll get the TSA-approved lock in case your luggage is routinely inspected. So, take the load off next time you hit the road and enjoy a lazy stroll through the airport with your case neatly following you.

14) Pet Camera and Automatic Treat Dispenser

We’ll round out today with one for any lazy pet owners out there. This automatic treat dispenser comes packing a camera with robust night vision so you can stay connected to your furball even when you’re not at home. You can dispense treats for your beloved canine in-app and this device is fully compatible with Alexa, too. When you’re home with your pets, you can ensure they’re amply rewarded without needing to get up of the couch.

Final Word

We hope by now you’ve got some great inspiration for making your life even easier without needing to spend a fortune. If you’re looking for more great hacks, product showcases and the latest smart home news, bookmark our blog and come back regularly. As a parting shot, sign up for our email newsletter for more on-point content and 20% off your first Smarthome order. You can sign up right here.

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