smart christmas decorations

Among the laundry list of benefits, this holiday season is the opportunity to embrace smart Christmas decorations.

As we get ever closer to 2020, you've got more choice than ever before if you want intelligent decks. We'll launch right in with seven smart Christmas decorations that make a striking statement.

  • Smart LED Christmas Lights
  • Digital Christmas Decorations
  • Christmas Decoration Projector
  • Inflatable Outdoor Santa
  • Flame Effect LED Lightbulbs
  • Smart Plug for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Smart LED Christmas Lights

If you don't mind spending to deck your house out in elegant style this Christmas, why not invest in some Twinkly Smart Decorations?

This bumper pack of 175 LEDs is IoT-ready, so they'll make the perfect addition to your connected home. You’ll be able to use either Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free control as long as you have a smart speaker.

Using the slick app, you create some unique and customizable effects on your Christmas tree with these energy-efficient LEDs.

If you’re a little more creative, you can harness the advanced functionality like custom drawing and LED mapping. Use pre-loaded effects, too, and take the helm in-app for remote control with your feet up.

You’ll have access to fully updatable firmware. Twinkly frequently offer new animations for free download so you can keep things fresh.

Rated for outdoor use and capable of 30,000 hours of use, these smart LEDs might not be particularly cheap, but they'll bring the house down this Christmas. Why not treat yourself?

Digital Christmas Decorations

If you're looking for an innovative way to bring your decorations screeching into the twenty-first century, these digital Christmas decorations are a neat choice.

AtmosFX produces a range of DVDs that don't come region-coded, allowing you to play them seamlessly worldwide. Santa's Visit is a festive-themed set of decorations you can play on loop.

Whether you choose to use your smart TV, a monitor, or a huge projector, transform your indoor space with the majesty of digital decorations.

Explore the rest of the AtmosFX line right here.

Christmas Decoration Projector

This pocket-friendly projector proves you don’t need to spend a fortune to get nifty smart decorations.

You'll enjoy the energy-efficiency of smart LEDs, and the decorations are fully remote controllable. A timer means you won’t need to worry about leaving your lights on either.

With 16 festive slide patterns, you'll never get bored, and your kids will find the display enchanting.

Completely waterproof, this projector is cut out for use outdoors if you have space upon which to project the decorations.

If you’re looking to embrace the convenience of technology to put a new spin on a Christmas classic, buy this projector now.

Inflatable Outdoor Santa

Nothing says Christmas quite like an inflatable Santa.

The smart factor to this traditional decoration comes in the form of LEDs baked in. You’ll get a life-sized 5-foot Santa with the lights lending an air of allure to your yard.

The ground stakes and rope for lashing Father Christmas in place come bundled so you’ll be good to go. Your inflatable will fill in minutes flat and ready to welcome in your next holiday visitors.

Flame Effect LED Lightbulb

Here’s yet another creative way to use smart LEDs in the form of this flame effect bulb.

Best used in a frosted lampshade, pop in these 200-lumen flickering lights and add a warm layer of coziness to the den this Christmas.

As an added kicker, thanks to the Watts of Love project, a portion of your purchase will be used to help those struggling without electricity.

What can you do if you want remote control of these lights, then?

Well, you can accomplish that by popping them into a lamp and then using a smart plug?

Smart Plug for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Smart plugs allow you to update the intelligence of traditional lamps and other small appliances.

If you’re looking to take remote control of the flame effect LEDs above, why not invest in the Insteon Remote Control On/Off Module?

Also available in a free version, you’ll also need the Insteon Hub Central Controller for remote control. With this in place, you’ll have the foundation to build out an ambitious connected home with the mighty Insteon ecosystem.

If you're looking for something to jazz up Christmas but lasting through the rest of the year, too, consider one of these awesome smart plugs from the legendary Insteon.

Final Word

Well, we hope that the selection of smart Christmas decorations has got your creative juices going.

As a parting shot, we’d strongly recommend investing in a smart speaker so you can get the most from automation. Whether you want the revamped original Echo third-generation, the upscale Echo Studio, or one of the new compact smart displays, adding an Echo device to the mix gives you hands-free control of your Christmas decorations.

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See you soon!

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