Insteon Holiday Solutions
As you’ll need no reminding, the holiday are already in full swing. Thanksgiving might be a wrap but there’s plenty more festive activity looming. Today, we’ll give you some easy Insteon solutions for the holidays. Launched way back in 2005 – light years ago in terms of domotics – Insteon’s robust message transmission and dependable dual-mesh network have helped this brand remain a heavy hitter as we edge toward 2019. We know you haven’t come here for an involved brand history so we’ll get straight into the main event right now. Before reading, please note all Insteon products do require a hub in order to control via voice & smartphone. Use Insteon Smart Lighting In Your Home When you’re at home base, convenience should be paramount and that’s one of the uppermost selling points of smart devices. Lighting, in particular, is something you can very easily automate. If you’re on the road or away visiting family, you should have security at the forefront of your mind. After all, what could be worse than returning home from a wonderful vacation to find your house has been ransacked and all those holiday gifts stolen? Luckily, there’s an easy Insteon solution that can help you on both of these fronts in the form of the Insteon Smart Lighting Convenience Kit. You’ll get all you need to set up lighting scenes throughout the house in next to no time. There’s a hub included so you can brighten and dim lights remotely. Whether it’s party time or you’re chilling with a date night movie, or even if it’s deep into the New Year and you just want a more convenient way of controlling your lighting without constantly jumping up from the couch, this full-bore starter kit is tailor-made and personal for you. If you prefer voice control, this Insteon pack is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant assuming you have the requisite device. Along with the controller and hub, you’ll also get 3 in-wall dimmer switches and a 6-button in-wall keypad dimmer so this would make a perfect Christmas gift. And if you do head away over the holidays, that invaluable remote access enables you to make it look like someone’s at home even if you’re miles away with your feet up.

Automate Your Holiday Lighting

If you’re a fan of festive lights inside your home or decorating the outside, you can take advantage of Insteon lighting and automation devices to control those lights and decorations. One of the most straightforward and user-friendly solutions involves plugging those festive indoor lights into an Insteon Remote Control On/Off Module. Make sure to use one module for each lighting group without breaching the maximum recommended number of strings. How about if the lights are out in the garden, though? Insteon has you covered there, too. Just use the same principle but using a weatherproofed Remote Control Outdoor On/Off Module and some of Insteon’s desktop software so you can take full remote charge of your display and make Santa spring into action when you’re held up late at the office.

Protect Your Home Over The Holidays With an Insteon IP Security Camera

Security cameras are a wise move year round but if you haven’t got one, act now and you can sleep more soundly at night over the holiday period even if you’re away visiting family. While this area of the market is saturated with great wired and wireless cameras, in the spirit of today’s Insteon-focused study, we’ll recommend the Insteon Wireless HD IP Camera. The pan-and-tilt camera with a reasonably broad field of view serves up high-def footage which you watch in-app and remain fully abreast of any unwanted visitors in your home then take action as necessary. Night vision means you’ll be protected round the clock and you can use either Android or iOS with this fully flexible Insteon security solution.

Go All Out With a Hub and Build a Robust, Convenient Smart Home

If you’re looking for a fully functional connected home with multiple devices singing together in perfect harmony, the foundation is a hub and you’ve got two main options at your disposal. TheThe Insteon Hub Central Controller is an affordable and rock-solid base from which to build out the smart home of your dreams. For the Apple converts among you, the Insteon Hub for HomeKit does exactly what the name suggests. If you’re looking to tread the slightly taskier but highly rewarding Apple HomeKit route, this is a must-have for the holidays. Why not pop it on your Christmas list?

Final Word

We hope these easy Insteon solutions for the holidays have given you some inspiration and the confidence to invest in the O.G. of the smart scene. Check out a full array of the Insteon range of products right here and come back soon since we really are just warming up for the festive period and we’ve got a treasure trove of valuable content coming your way. If you would like more on smart devices visit our homepage and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information on smart home products and deals.

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