Rachio Smart Sprinkler System
We all know the weather man isn't always right and no one wants to run outside during a downpour to shut off their sprinklers. Having the ability to control your sprinkler system through your phone or voice assistant not only keeps you dry but save you time and money. In a few easy steps, you can let your lawn take care if it's self. Installation is made easy and can be done in just about a half hour. All you have to do is switch out your old controller with your new Rachio controller. You don't need to hire anyone or have any special tools, Rachio uses your existing sprinklers. Once you have installed your Rachio controller, open up the Rachio app and connect your controller to your Wi-Fi. Now you are all set to personalize the app to for your yard. You can even customize zones of your yard with the type of vegetation, slop and much more. Rachio will use local weather to determine what each zone of your yard needs. Through the app, you can check your dashboard for any schedule updates and manually pause or start watering. Don't feel like opening your phone? Rachio is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for easy voice control. Rachcio on Amazon
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