Echo Review
Amazon creates the second generation Echo as it's voice assistant. From a smart speaker to play your favorite jam sessions to using Audible to read Ebooks, the Amazon Echo is a voice-activated home assistant. Half the cost of the original speaker, Amazon seeks to undercut other players in the voice assistant industry. Play music, make calls, set alarms, ask questions, and control all of your smart home products at the sound of a command. Even if you don't want Alexa to control your home via home automation, surf the web by asking her questions, getting the football game statistics, or plenty of other random things. With the new Amazon Echo is setting its self apart from others with the new sleek design, ability to order Amazon products, and speaking to the Echo like a cell phone to make calls. Amazon makes the Echo so easy for users to set up for all ages. Start with an Alexa, then start to find home automation products that are compatible with Alexa. You can find products such as light switches, WiFi thermostats, door locks and much more.
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