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Our lives are becoming more and more connected, and with each passing day, new technology is emerging. We can connect different devices which allow us to switch seamlessly between our phone, computer, and home.

With the improvements and innovation, it was only a matter of time until we connected two of our most essential possessions, our houses, and our cars. Exciting technology has been developed, allowing drivers to connect vehicles to their homes, leaving us with smart cars. And no, not the German microcars you see zooming down the streets, but cars with smart technology implanted into them. Below is a few exciting technologies which are currently being used in vehicles today. See below how smart cars create a smooth transition from car to house.

BMW ConnectedDrive

The ConnectedDrive feature in BMW cars was introduced in 2008, as a web browser built into the infotainment system. Since the initial introduction, there are new features added to this smart car technology. The main goal for BMW is to ensure that navigating your schedule inside and out of the car is a simple process. The system connects with Alexa and Amazon Echo devices, which lets the operator request information about upcoming trips. It can also perform remote services on the BMW. Also, ConnectedDrive syncs your Google Assistant, which gives you updates on upcoming events and meetings, while also allowing you to check fuel range, turn on ventilation, and get details about your next trip. Other features offered by ConnectedDrive are synchronizing calendars, heads-up display, lane departure warning system, traffic information, active cruise control, night vision, and traffic information. BMW has made improvements to its smart car technology, and it is worth looking into.


In 2007, Bill Gates announced the partnership of Microsoft and Ford to bring SYNC technology into cars. In its earliest phase, SYNC gave drivers the ability to operate Bluetooth phones and digital media players using voice commands, the steering wheels, and radio controls. Today, SYNC provides the driver with the possibility of connecting with smart devices in the home, similar to the BMW ConnectedDrive. Another feature of SYNC is the option to order from Amazon Prime. You can have the packages you order delivered to the house, or directly to the car. Also, SYNC offers passengers the ability to connect to wi-fi by offering an in-car hotspot. AT&T powers the hotspot, and up to 10 devices can connect to 4G LTE all at once. This connection is accessible up to 50 feet away from the vehicle. Talk about a smart car!


Zubie is a service provided by an in-car tracker which emits information to a computer at home or in the office. Used by fleet managers, or families, the service tracks location, vehicle health, and driver performance. The GPS tracker gives you the ability to see where the car is 24/7, sends alerts when a car departs or arrives, and stores all information. Zubie tracks the vehicle health by measuring mileage utilization and sending alerts when a car needs a service. It also tracks monitor fuel levels while offering locations of nearby gas stations. Lastly, it tracks driver performance by managing idling, speed, and fuel efficiency. This monitors hard braking or rapid accelerations and gives the driver coaching by using a scorecard.

If smart car technology isn't for you, there is a whole world of home automation out there. Visit our website or check out other blog posts to learn more about smart products!

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