ces 2020

If you're curious about what CES is, find the long-winded answer at CES 2019. CES 2020 portrays the world of smart home tech, is living in the future with many more exciting things to come.

The Smart Pet Category Continues to Grow

From smart dog toys to collars, the world of smart pet gadgets, broaden.

The first product we ran into was iKuddle selling a vision to the future for household pets. The innovative development of a smart litter box allows:

Deodorizing System - filters air ensuring the litter box smells fresh

App Connection - with a touch of a few buttons, download the iKuddle app on your smart device.

Self-Cleaning - IR sensors detect each time your kitty cat is done doing their business; a timer will start to initiate cleaning.

Auto Litter Packing - Press the auto packing button on the litter box to deposit waste into small bags.

Dog Collars Get Much Smarter

An improved GPS smart dog collars allow pet owners to keep a more balanced lifestyle for your furry friend. Monitor health, the activity of your pet, location, and more.

Cameras Improve Facial Recognition

Cameras can be an impressive piece of the smart home pie. Traditionally, what separates cameras are these main categories: design, installation, and video quality — a more improved facial recognition in the mix that seems to be more prominent making devices.

The Emerging Smart Pots & Pan

That's right; pots and pans. I'm not one who likes to cook. Particularly, I overcook or undercook everything. Now that smart pans are becoming more relevant, that will change. Let the app walk you through the exact ingredients, tell you the temperature, and even when to flip that salmon to a nice golden brown.

Security and Privacy

Smart home tech had some recent hackers if you haven't heard from the famous Google Nest and Ring. As patches were fixed, each company seems to vow toward security. Which is good for the average joes and Josephines like us.

A Word From Kyle

AI had the pleasure of joining my colleague Kyle, who had the following to say, 'This is my 13th year in attendance, and I am just as excited as the first time I went...and, today certainly didn't disappoint. I was most impressed by the growth in the area of many existing brands committed to growing their ecosystems in both the number of devices and to improvements in functionality.

This is particularly exciting to me for two reasons; it means that consumers can use a single (or fewer) brand(s), and app(s), to automate their home; also, the reliability of those products is getting better. Of course, there is still a missing holy grail of unifying everything somehow…maybe that isn't possible…yet…we may have something up our sleeve😊.

I also wanted to say that in regards to innovation there is a movement towards automation of cooking (more recent) and health (not so recent), but I can see the advantages to harmonizing these things into a better lifestyle as well, something we can all probably improve on a little. Really looking forward to the next couple of days and working with some existing and new partners to make 2020 a great year for smart home consumers!'

Please note this is just day one of CES. Tune in tomorrow to see other emerging smart home technology we see.

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