Why Us Nerds Love Smart Lighting
Here at Smarthome, we’re unashamed nerds when it comes to smart lighting in particular. While most smart home tech has enough benefits to justify the purchase, smart lights add so much to your home in ways you might not even have considered. Today, rather than focusing on specific products, we’ll be showing you why we’re such suckers for smart lights and why you should be, too.

There’s a Smart Lighting Solution for Everyone

To kick off, the versatility of smart lights means you can create a totally personalized solution. Are you a smart home renter? If so, you can choose from plenty of simple smart bulbs, LED light strips, and smart outlets to upgrade your lighting without any rewiring or structural changes. While this approach is not the most cost-effective for a sprawling home, if you’re renting an apartment, it’s a great way to limit yourself to smart devices you can take with you when you move. Do you want whole-house smart lighting? This is easily achieved with smart switches. While you might need to call in an electrician, you’ll end up with a cost-effective approach to intelligent lighting throughout your home. Outdoor smart lighting is arguably an even more popular sector. Security specialist Ring has an outstanding outdoor smart lighting range so you can ramp up security and kiss goodbye to stumbling up the path in the dark. There’s no excuse not to get the perfect smart light set-up whatever your needs and budget.

Convenience To Streamline Your Life

One of the central pillars of home automation is the convenience it brings to workaday aspects of life. By scheduling your lighting in-app, you can return home to a Welcome scene. If you have motion-detected lights outdoors, these will spring into action as you approach your house. Step inside and your lights will come on downstairs. Build your lights out with other smart home tech and you can have the blinds closing, the AC kicking in, and even some fresh coffee brewing. You can ensure other rooms in the house are optimized, too. Create a scene for cooking, reading, or watching movies so you have everything streamlined perfectly. When it’s time for bed, all your lights downstairs can power down leaving the stairway light on and your bedside lamp illuminated to welcome you to dreamland. If you have a smart speaker or smart display, you’ll be able to control most smart lighting hands-free with Google Assistant or Alexa. If you’re not a fan of voice commands or digital assistants, you can take the helm in-app on your smartphone. And it’s this remote access capability that’s the next thing we love about smart lighting…

Alter Lighting Remotely To Suit Or Improve Your Mood

Lighting can have a dramatic effect on mood, energy, and productivity. Think about your favorite restaurant. Chances are, if you head there for an evening meal, the lights will be suitably dimmed. Equally, though, intimate mood lighting is the last thing you need in a home office. Since your home is a multi-purpose dwelling, smart lighting allows you to create lighting to suit the mood without getting up off the couch. Homework time over and ready for a movie? Dim those lights with voice commands or a few swipes on your smartphone. Are you reading on a patchy day with spells of cloud where the light seems to be constantly changing? Make small adjustments to your lighting to compensate without endlessly running to the switch. Whether you’re looking to relax at night, perk up in the morning, or focus for an extended spell in the home office, intelligent lighting is a huge help.

Energy-Efficiency for Great Savings

LEDs are remarkably energy-efficient. We would suggest that most manufacturers of smart lights make ambitious claims about slashing your electricity bills by one-quarter. From our extended personal experience of running a wide assortment of smart light solutions, realistic savings of 10% are achievable. The fact that LED bulbs draw down so little power is not the end of your saving potential, though. Smart lighting optimizes usage so you should end up running lean and using less power still. Even if you’re using incandescent or halogen lights, if you employ dimmer switches, you could prolong the lifespan of your bulbs by a factor of 20.

Harness Occupancy-Detection to Stop Lighting Empty Rooms

We just mentioned how smart lighting can optimize energy consumption. When you have motion sensors built in, you can cut down on the wasted cost of lighting unoccupied rooms. This is especially useful if your kids predictably forget to turn off the lights when they leave their room. As smart lighting continues to evolve, this will hopefully become standard across applications.

Greatly Improved Lifespan with LEDs

If you didn’t already know, smart LED bulbs can last for up to 15 years. You’ll usually see lifespan quoted in hours as the larger numbers seem more impressive! When you consider the number of lightbulbs you have across your entire home, these small savings mount up over time. You’ll also save on the inconvenience of replacing bulbs. LED bulbs also run cooler when they’re dimmed. This can further extend bulb life. It’s not just in terms of convenience and saving money that smart lighting scores, though… You can also make your life safer by smartening up the lights at home. How so?

LEDs Eliminate UV and IR Emissions

If you’re still using older incandescent bulbs, you might want to consider the following reality… Less than 10% of the power used ends up converted to visible light. This is more than purely wasteful since the surplus power is converted into radiated or infrared heat. The heat and UV radiation can become hazardous.

Protect Your Connected Home When You’re Away

Smart lighting is not only useful when you’re at home. The inbuilt safety benefits help you to complement your home security system. If you’re away on holiday, most smart lights give you the option of using Away mode. This randomizes lights to mimic an occupied house even if you’re all on the other side of the world. If you don’t have this preset, you can easily create schedule to replicate the effect.

Smarten Up Your Décor Along With Your Lighting

With centrally-controlled lights, you can sidestep using too many wall plates for a cleaner look at home. If you choose to get creative with LED light strips – come back next week for our detailed look at these – you can enhance the décor whether you have a traditional home or a modernist condo. If you have too many trailing wires from lamps, you can eliminate these by using smart plugs and overhauling those lamps with remote control. Ambiance can be further improved with our next reason for nerding out over smart lights…

Inject Some Color Into Your Lighting

If you don’t want to choose between white or colored bulbs, you don’t have to! Many smart bulbs allow you to change colors in-app on your phone. You can also program color-changing bulbs so they liven up the atmosphere if you’ve got guests over or you’re having a party. Linked to the color of your lights, you’ll also enjoy full control over brightness levels, again without leaving your seat or bed. Kiss goodbye to waking up and being blinded by light when you can ease into your day in a much more civilized fashion.

Final Word

Well, are you as enthusiastic about smart lighting as we are by now? We hope so! If you’re tempted to treat yourself to some new lighting for 2020, why not sign up for our email newsletter first? If you’re a new Smarthome customer, you’ll qualify for 20% off your first order. Before you go, why not bookmark our blog? We update our content daily through the week. We aim to bring you all the best smart tech along with plenty of how-to guides and the latest smart home news.

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