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Smart products are convenient, efficient and constantly evolving. Nowadays, products aren't only accessible inside and there are plenty of smart products that help outside too. Many of these products help with everyday activities in your backyard, more specifically, in your pool. With summer upon us, now is a better time than ever to improve your home with a smart pool.

Floatron Solar Powered Pool Purifier

We'll start our smart pool product guide off with the popular Floatron Solar Powered Pool Purifier. This device will keep your pool water clean, clear, and soft, without the horrible smell of chlorine! It will reduce chlorine by as much as 80%. So, you can say goodbye to bleached hair, dry skin, and itchy eyes.

It is a completely safe and non-toxic pool purifier that floats around your smart pool. While moving around, it releases mineral ions into the water. These mineral ions completely stop the growth of algae and other microorganisms that you don't want floating around your pool. They also remain effective for weeks, won't evaporate out and are completely harmless.

If you want a clean, low maintenance smart pool, then the Floatron Solar Powered Pool Purifier is the way to go. You can shop it here.

Insta-Link Home App

If you own a pool or spa, you typically need to test and balance the water, keep the filter clean, vacuum the debris, and more.

Insta-LINK® HOME gives you everything you need to make maintaining your pool or spa easy, so you can spend more time swimming and less time maintaining. The Insta Link Home system assists with water testing, step by step treatments, test history, and graphs. As well as smartphone test strip scanner, scheduled reminders, and 24/7 access anywhere to your smart pool and spa details.

Link your Insta-LINK® HOME account with your local pool or spa dealer for dosage advice in the branded chemicals you use. You can also share test results and questions with your dealer.

No more worrying about expensive tests that require a professional. The Insta-Link Home App will keep your smart pool clean, and you stress-free without having to spend excessive amounts of money.

Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System

Safety is the number one priority for most pool owners. Especially with young kids and pets running around outside all summer, most parents find themselves extremely concerned with pool safety.

The Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System is a warning system for a safer smart pool. If a person or pet falls into the pool, the alarm will sound immediately. It has sensors and a very high-quality microprocessor that can detect the pool area and a long-range RF that detects movement in your smart pool. The alarm will even sound when it senses the removal of the pool cover.

Lifebuoy is Bluetooth based, meaning you can control all alarm settings through the app on your phone. Some of these settings include the alarm state, alarm length, and the sensitivity of the alarm.

The Lifebuoy is suitable for any type of smart pool, hot tub or garden pond. It is even portable, meaning you can bring it with you on vacations. You can purchase the Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System here.

These products will provide safety and efficiency to any pool. There is a lot of upkeep and cautions that come with owning a pool, but these smart home products will replace those worries and stresses with fun and good times. Make sure to check out the smart pool products linked above and the rest of our smart home products on our website!

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