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As summer rolls around once more, a new college year is on the horizon. To kick off your school year right, we are giving you some smart dorm room ideas!

Whether you’re heading off to start that thrilling new adventure for the first time or returning for your senior year, you’re in for a treat today.

We’ll get right down to business with eleven affordable smart products to liven up your dorm room. You can look forward to entertainment galore, products of pure convenience and study aids if you invest in any of these devices.

Dive in and invest in yourself!

  1. WiFi Printer
  2. Kindle PaperWhite
  3. Surge Protector and USB Charger
  4. Powerbank
  5. Smart Plug
  6. Mini Smart Bulb
  7. Bluetooth-Enabled Coffee Maker
  8. Fitness Tracker
  9. Streaming Stick
  10. Google Home Mini
  11. Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

1. WiFi Printer

You might be able to submit your papers digitally, but you still need hard copies when you’re studying.

Rather than constantly queuing at the library and burning cash on printing charges, pick up this 3.5-pound Epson Workforce mobile printer instead.

You’ll be free to print from your phone and iPad as well as from Android tablets, laptops and desktops.

Wireless connectivity and an onboard rechargeable battery mean your dorm room won’t be covered in cables. USB charging even lets you take this lightweight printer on the road.

Enjoy full-color printing without leaving your dorm room for far less than you might imagine. This WiFi printer will make a wonderful addition to your dorm room idea checklist!

2. Kindle PaperWhite

Kindles polarize opinion. For many, it’s senseless to buy a dedicated reading device offering no meaningful extras or web presence. After all, tablets and iPads allow you to read while offering so much more.

What about when you’re trying to study, though? Do you really want Facebook notifications pinging off? Is being provided with a browser and games going to do your focus any favors?

Kindle PaperWhite, now fully waterproofed, gives you a pure and uncluttered reading experience with a 300ppi glare-free display.

Note-taking features are robust and highlighting makes your revision easier than ever.

One of the other huge advantages of investing in a Kindle is the saving you’ll make on buying digital versions of your course books. You’ll also avoid the need to lug all those heavy hardbacks home from the store.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you can also take advantage of Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and access over 600,000 books free of charge. Every saving counts when you’re a student, so this alone can help you recoup the cost of purchase.

Free yourself from distractions and keep your study environment focused with PaperWhite. You can thank us when your grades improve!

3. Surge Protector and USB Charger

Have you ever been hammering away at the keyboard mid-paper when the power cuts out unexpectedly?

If so, you’re probably too familiar with reopening Word only to find your document didn’t save properly and you’re hundreds of words down with deadlines looming.

Don’t let this happen when Belkin’s 3-Outlet Surge Protector can be yours for a very low cost.

The trio of outlets gives you ample room for all your devices, while a couple of USB ports are a nice bonus.

Protect yourself and your work the easy way at a price you’ll scarcely believe.

4. Powerbank

Smartphones and tablets are fantastic gadgets, but battery life is still often disappointing.

The Mophie PowerStation is a tiny external charger that breathes life into your phone, tablet or wearable, so you don’t need to head home from the library in the middle of your workflow.

While you should in theory always be close enough to a power outlet to charge your devices, it’s not always the case. With this mini Powerbank on hand – it weighs less than 3 ounces – you can keep your devices juiced up even if you’re streaming video or away from a plug point.

Price is also one of the key attractors here. You’ll pay much less than you would for most of the competition, which means you can save your budget for more essential smart devices.

5. Smart Plug

Smart plugs are one of the most common entry points to home automation and this Amazon Smart Plug comes priced perfectly for students.

You’ll be able to control any other compatible devices you have in your dorm with either Alexa. You can also use an app on your smartphone for seamless control.

The automatic timer can help you keep your bills down and also adds a nice layer of convenience. You won’t need to worry about whether you turned your hair straighteners or coffee machine off when you’re halfway to class.

The design is perfect for dorm rooms where space and power outlets are in short supply. The space-saving configuration means you can pop this smart plug into a dual outlet without blocking plugs. You’ll even be able to slip a pair of these smart switches into a single universal outlet.

For safety, economy and convenience rolled into a pocket-friendly package, we can’t recommend this simple device highly enough.

6. Mini Smart Bulb

Smart bulbs for dorm rooms are riddled with issues. You’ll usually require a home hub which adds to the expense. Also, many smart bulbs are too heavy to work well in lamps.

Addressing those pain points head-on, LIFX Mini will smarten up your lighting the easy way. It's WiFi-enabled, so you won’t need a hub and you can customize colors and brightness in-app on your smartphone. If you have an Echo device, you’ll be able to take charge hands-free, too.

Kicking out 800 lumens of brightness, you’ll get the performance of a regular 60-watt bulb while only using 9 watts of energy with this LED.

For smart lighting without the hassle or third-party gateways, LIFX Mini is also priced with students firmly in mind.

7. Programmable Drip Coffee Maker

Whether you need fueling up for those late night study sessions or you want an eye-opener in the morning, smart coffee machines needn’t cost the earth.

This Cuisinart Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker is fully automatic, easy to use and easy to clean.

You’ll be able to use freshly ground coffee so you can economize and cut down your Starbucks bill without compromising the quality of your drink. With hot water on demand, you can also enjoy tea or hot chocolate or get water for your noodles when money is tight.

Auto shut-off is a valuable safety feature and you can program the Cuisinart so you have a fresh carafe of coffee brewed when you wake.

Cut down on those coffee shop runs and sidestep the expense of capsule-based machines with this lean and simple coffee maker. Your roommate will thank you, too!

8. Fitness Tracker

If you’re a fan of wearables, you don’t need to go all-in with an Apple Watch.

Fitbit Flex is a cheap, but highly capable tracker that allows you to monitor your sleep habits and fitness levels along with your nutrition.

5-day battery life and wireless syncing make this tracker the ideal companion for students with busy lives looking to restore some order.

A hidden kicker is the silent alarm which allows you to make sure you’re up in time without waking your roommate.

9. Streaming Stick

It goes unsaid college is not all about work. When it’s time to kick back, you need to make sure you have your entertainment on lock.

Some form of streaming stick saves you the hassle of constantly downloading media. With a welter of choice at your disposal, which one makes the best fit for cash-strapped students?

Our personal recommendation is Roku Streaming Stick. Extremely powerful and equally portable, this tiny device brings a half million movies and TV shows into your dorm room with no cords and no costly subscriptions either.

TV compatibility is broad and the device couldn’t be easier to use. You’ll get plug-and-play simplicity along with more media than you could consume if you did nothing but watch TV.

The voice remote adds a hands-free touch to proceedings and it’s priced to suit bargain hunters and students on a budget.

10. Google Home Mini

If you have accumulated a handful of smart devices and you’d like to take control of them with Google Assistant, we’d suggest making the modest investment in Google Home Mini.

This inexpensive smart speaker gives you the robust search power you’d expect from the mighty G, hands-free control of devices, and media on tap.

You can also use Home Mini along with Chromecast streaming your favorite movies and TV shows with voice commands.

Google Assistant can also help you organize your day, which is vital when you’re at college. You will get multiple functions in one tiny unit priced very keenly to ice the cake.

11. Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

If you want to block out ambient noise and lock into a serious study session with some binaural beats pulsing, treat yourself to some noise-cancelling headphones.

You don’t need to go with Bose when you can opt for the Cowin E7 at a fraction of the cost.

With cordless Bluetooth convenience, you can pace around the room without being tethered to your laptop.

The ear pads look great and don’t make your ears too hot, even after extended sessions.

Oversized bass drivers means that low-end really pumps while active noise cancelling drowns out any annoying background noise.

The 30 hours of battery life is more than just marketing hype, too.

Final Word

Well, we hope you’ve seen that you can get all the basics you need to streamline studying while also smartening up your dorm room on a budget.

We tried to keep all selections today within the reach of just about everyone today. If you’ve got any other suggestions for smart devices you can’t live without as a student, drop us a line and let us know!

Don’t forget to bookmark our blog for all the latest smart home news Monday through Friday.

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