Smart Home Baby Nursery Ideas
It’s not uncommon for parents with newborns or infants to feel like they have their hands full, so why not get yourself a helping hand. Technology continues to change the way we live and do things, so why not do things BETTER. We’ve put together a list of tips, tricks, and electronics to turn your nursery into a smart nursery.

Smart Devices For The Baby Nursery

Every nursery needs a home automation device from Alexa to Google Home. These devices have so much capacity to be the helper that you so badly need. We know you are tired, hungry, overwhelmed, stressed, and so much more. Parenthood is no walk in the park, but with all this help, you may just have a little more ease throughout your day. Your friends will soon be asking, “What do you have that I don’t?” Smart devices are made to make our lives easier, yet so many people are still in the dark about how these products can actually benefit their lives. So what can these smart devices help you with?
  • Lighting
  • Music
  • Books
  • News Alerts/ Notifications
  • Alarms
  • Baby Stats
  • Add to Shopping list


Make life easier with the proper smart lighting for your infant’s nursery. The Phillips Hue Light for nursery rooms is the perfect addition. You can even connect light strips to give a fun lighting technique to the room. The best part about these products is that they connect to your smart device and you are able to give Alexa commands to control the lights in the room. From on to off, changing of colors, all the way to the diming settings. You will need the smart bridge accessory, light strip kit, and the Phillips hue dimmable color lights as the basics of your nursery and the beginning of your smart home. Once you get started you with seeing how the lighting of the room and controls not only affects your baby but your mood as well.


Sometimes it is necessary to drive out all the noise and just get the music turned up or at the very most on. Whether it’s for yourself or for your child, music always seemed to make life just a little bit more bearable. Enjoy a selection of beautifully arranged lullabies and nursery rhymes. Babies and toddlers love music, it’s an essential part of their development, and this baby music skill enables you to select lullabies or nursery rhymes whenever you want with a simple command. Or perhaps you just need some relaxing sounds to set a calming mood for yourself and your toddler, in which you could use lullabies from the piano or guitar that will create the gentle environment your child is looking for in a nice, quality sleep.


It’s been a long hard day and your kid wants to be entertained, but the thought of picking up a book or reading makes you feel like you’ll never survive the day. WE GET IT. But we're also here to tell you, to take the day off from entertaining your child and let Alexa take over. Alexa has a variety of children’s books and if books are too much you can ask for her to play nursery rhymes. Kids can use this skill to play popular nursery rhymes randomly or by asking a specific nursery rhyme. This skill does support almost all popular rhyme and poems. “Alexa, lullaby please.”


As a parent, it’s easy to get consumed by all the things you need to do with your infant that you forget to stay updated on what’s going on in your life and the world. Don’t worry, not for long! With Alexa notifications, you can sign up for package shipment locations, the locations of loved ones, weather reports, breaking news, traffic collisions, etc. When your hands are full and you need real-time information your smart home devices will soon become your new best friend.


Alarms are important staples in everyone life for the most part. We all have things to do and things to remember. When your job is to take care of your child or children all day, it’s very easy to forget timelines and deadline, which is why utilizing Alexa or Google Home alarm features is a great thing to do! To set an alarm with your voice say, “Set an alarm


This is a really unique feature that Alexa offers. Simply enable this skill on your Alexa and you’re good to go. Baby stats lets you track stool, wet, feeding, weight, pumping, sleep, kick counts, and due dates. None of them are required, so track what you want! Downloading the mobile app allows you to view and share your baby’s stats. “Alexa, ask baby stats to add” followed by the information you want to add to your app. For a list of commands, you can check out


You just remembered what you needed from the grocery store, your hands are full, and you don’t want to forget. “Add it to your list” To use your voice, say “Create a list.” Alexa asks, “What would you like to name the list?” After confirming a list name, you can then begin adding items to it.

To use the Alexa app:

Go to the menu, and then select Lists. Select create a list, type a name for the new list, and then select add (+) You can then rename, archive or delete a list any time. Alexa makes creating a shopping list, reminders, and notes easier than ever! Nursery rooms are the perfect way for you to introduce your house to smart home capabilities. Life can be overwhelming sometimes, lend yourself the helping hand by using these products. Interested in more articles and items? You can check out more smart home products here.
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