Reel In The Best Wireless Headphones for 2020
Until fairly recently, we wouldn’t have suggested you looked for wireless headphones. As we surge into 2020, though, Bluetooth connectivity has improved and you’ll no longer be taking a massive hit on sound quality to lose the cord. Today, we’ve assembled a complete top 10 spanning a wide range of wireless headphones from all the major players. So, whether you want some peace and quiet in the home office, a flying companion, or the means to enjoy your music library at its best, we’ve got something for everyone today.

Top 10 Wireless Headphones 2020

  1. Amazon Echo Buds with Alexa
  2. Apple AirPods Pro with Siri
  3. Bose 700 Noise-Cancelling Headphones with Alexa Voice Control
  4. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling
  5. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Alexa
  6. Beats Studio Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
  7. Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones with Alexa
  8. beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless High-End Stereo Headphones
  9. Jabra Elite Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
  10. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Wireless Monitor Headphones

1) Amazon Echo Buds with Alexa

We’ve been putting several pairs of Echo Buds through their paces here at Smarthome and we must admit to being pretty impressed. Amazon has priced Echo Buds very keenly so they come in at roughly half the cost of the AirPods Pro we break down next. While hardly cheap, these wireless in-ear buds represent superb overall value. Set-up is straightforward even if you’re not a huge tech lover. Choose from a selection of tips and use the wing tips if you’re hitting the gym or heading out jogging. Sweat-resistant, you won’t need to handle Echo Buds with kid gloves. A brace of upscale drivers powers an immersive soundscape. Bass is thumping while higher frequencies are quite well represented, too. Arguably the jewel in the crown with these wireless gems is Bose Active Noise Reduction. As you’d expect from the audiophile outfit, this reduces ambient chatter to a barely discernible nothingness. Alexa comes baked in. Three mics in each earbud means you can make yourself heard even in a busy, noisy backdrop. Navigate all your favorite audio hands-free thanks to your favorite virtual butler. A full charge gives you roughly 5 hours of runtime. Give Echo Buds a burst of charge on the case provided and you’ll yield another couple of hours. Rinse and repeat up to 20 hours so you have enough juice for a long haul flight. With a versatile fit, well-rounded soundscape, and attractive price tag, Echo Buds deserve a place on any shortlist of the best wireless headphones.

2) Apple AirPods Pro with Siri

The original AirPods debuted to mixed reception. For just fifty bucks more, invest instead in the retooled AirPods Pro. If you’re an iPhone user and want the best truly wireless earphones to complement your 11 Pro Max, you can’t beat these second-generation AirPods. Choose the snuggest fitting eartips and you should have no problem even if you’re working out hard. You’ll be forced to update to iOS 13.2 to connect then you’ll be synced in a flash. With adaptive EQ, music is automatically tuned to fit the shape of your ear. With improved isolation and revamped eartips, the overall sound is improved while you won’t need to crank the volume up quite so loud to achieve a robust soundscape. Mics pick up noise from inside and outside the ear. AirPods Pro then attenuate this with anti-noise leaving you to listen to your music as it was meant to be heard. By pressing and holding the sensor, you can enter Transparency mode and interact more easily with the outside world. You can expect around 4 hours of runtime and up to 24 hours of use with the wireless charging case pressed into commission. Accessing your digital assistant is as simple as calling, “Hey, Siri” and following up with your request. AirPods Pro might not be cheap but do us a favor… Work out how many hours a day you spend listening to music. Multiply this by a couple of years and you can work out how little you need to spend per day to enjoy the majestic AirPods Pro.

3 Bose 700 Noise-Cancelling Headphones with Alexa Voice Control

Just when you thought Bose had peaked with the classic QuietComfort 35 IIs, the audio specialist drop the 700s. Triple-black is our favorite colorway looking mean and commanding. There are several other colors if the all-black model isn’t to your taste. 20 hours of overall battery life is adequate for most purposes, even lengthy flights or all-night work sessions. Recharging for just 15 minutes gives you an extra 3 to 4 hours of runtime. The earcups are angled perfectly and fit snugly. The stainless steel headband is rugged yet exceedingly comfortable. Powerful noise cancelling keeps all unwanted intrusions out with 11 levels to choose from while you also get Bose AR laid in. This is a proprietary augmented reality platform with enormous potential. The mic system is first-rate, too. You can ensure Alexa hears you even if you’re in a hectic environment. It goes unsaid you get a vibrant, balanced soundscape. Bose never fail to deliver and these headphones might be the smartest investment in 2020. This is doubly so if you spend lots of time traveling and trying to work on planes.

4) Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling

It’s impossible to assemble a list of the best wireless headphones without giving some attention to Bang & Olufsen. This upscale audio outfit produces a number of wireless headphones. Our personal pick of the bunch are the all-new Beoplay H9i. When you see the Bang & Olufsen, your eye is drawn from the layered cans to the headband that looks so soft you want to touch it. Made from leather with lambskin ear cushions, all this supple comfort is offset by anodized aluminum discs. You can wear these headphones for long spells without your eyes feeling strained or overheated. Battery life gives you a total runtime of 18 hours. This could certainly be improved slightly and is a disappointment at this price-point. Charging via USB-C allows you to listen as you charge. A lengthy cable comes bundled and this is a nice extra touch making the Beoplay highly versatile. With ToneTouch, you can tweak the soundstage in-app to customize that signature Bang & Olufsen sound to your precise taste. While the Beoplay H9i are pretty pricey, if you act quickly you can capitalize on an aggressive discount.

5) Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Alexa

Most DJs and music lovers champion Sennheiser headphones with just cause. The Momentum 3 takes their trademark excellence to new levels. To kick off, you get Alexa onboard so you’ll be able to maneuver around your music collection hands-free. Set-up is simplified with auto-pairing so you’ll be up and running right out the box. A simple 3-button system means you can get started without reaching for the manual, too. As you’d expect, comfort is uppermost with the leather headband and super-soft earpads meaning you won’t want to take these headphones off. 17 hours of battery life could be better but you can still settle in for lengthy listening sessions in supreme comfort. Active noise cancellation allows you to lock into your own little world. These headphones adapt to your environment and deliver customized ANC accordingly. Sennheiser’s Smart Control app lets you play around with noise cancellation further. Packing Sennheiser’s legendary neodymium transducers, you get a superbly rounded soundscape going some way toward justifying the stiff price tag. You can certainly find much cheaper wireless headphones but you’ll struggle to find many that are better.

6) Beats Studio Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Beats headphones were the brainchild of hip-hop impresario Dr Dre and they continue to fly off the shelves today. Available in a wide palette of colors to suit all tastes, the soft finish gives you hours of comfortable listening at your disposal. There’s a hard shell carrying case provided and charging is by USB 2.0 with a cable bundled. Beats claim 22 hours of runtime with these headphones making them one of the strongest performers on the market. A micro-charge of just 10 minutes can generate a full 3 hours of extra runtime, too. This is highly convenient when you’re out and about. Sound is predictably bass-heavy. If you love hip-hop and bass-heavy electronic music, these are the ideal headphones for you. Efficient active noise cancelling is more than fit for purpose. Beats Studio are great headphones if you spend lots of time travelling and don’t mind paying a slight premium for brand image.

7) Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones with Alexa

A serious contender for the best noise cancelling headphones for frequent flyers, Sony’s WH-1000XM3 are pricey but exceptional value considering what you get when you slip them on… We haven’t experienced any active noise cancelling to rival that on display with these wireless headphones. While you can pay more than Sony charge for headphones, doing so is not going to yield a superior cocooned listening environment. If blocking out background noise is your priority, these are the cans for you. Alexa is easily accessible with a single touch then you can power through your listening hands-free. 30 hours of runtime gives you all-day listening with your sound coming through impeccably. Charging for just 10 minutes returns another 5 hours of runtime which trumps the opposition. The highs are slightly subdued and sound is certainly bass-heavy. Play around with EQ and you can personalize the soundscape to some extent. If you have a fluid budget and spend lots of time working in distracting environments or plane cabins, do yourself a favor and invest in these Sony.

8) beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless High-End Stereo Headphones

With a detailed and balanced sound, beyerdynamic’s Amiron are among the finest headphones money can buy. What makes them worth the considerable investment, then? Well, that sound is strong and rich enough to have you rediscovering old favorites in your music library. Adapting acoustically to your hearing, you’ll have sound optimized in line with your hearing. The serious flaw with these otherwise outstanding headphones is the underwhelming noise isolation. If you’re an audiophile looking to enjoy some vinyl at home in your lounge chair, no problem. If you’re trying to finish a presentation on a busy and noisy flight, forget about it. Classified as circumaural, the headphones envelop you ears instead of sitting on them. This ensures that you can wear the Amiron in comfort for hours even though they’re large and bulky. The headband and ear cushions are made from Alcantra, a supple yet durable synthetic suede. The ear pads are replaceable, too. The large touchpad on the right ear works much more effectively than most. As an added kicker, these headphones sound equally great wired or wireless. What are you waiting for?

9) Jabra Elite Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Next up we’ve got another expensive but exceptional headphones, the Elite from Jabra. Battery life is one of the key selling points here with 36 hours of runtime at your disposal. You’ll need only 15 minutes to get another 5 hours of battery life, too. This places the Elite second only to Sony in this regard. Sound is roughly comparable with the classic Bose QuietComfort while design is arguably superior. The Elite look dainty without appearing fragile. Alexa comes built in. You can also enjoy robust calls, ideal if you spend a lot of your day on the phone. With Smart Active Noise Cancellation, you’ll keep unwanted irritations out even if you’re in a crowded place. Certified water resistant and fitting snugly, the Elite make great workout companions. Aside from bass that could be a little beefier, there’s really nothing else to sat against these powerful wireless headphones from Jabra.

10) Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Wireless Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica has an unimpeachable reputation for producing top-tier headphones, turntables and mics. These wireless monitor headphones deliver on every level. These headphones are designed with high-end audio in mind. The sound is warm and balanced with smooth mids, punchy bass and well-defined highs. If you’re using these headphones as intended for sound monitoring, you can do this with one ear to make your life easier. The battery will give you up to 8 hours of continuous runtime which could be improved. The best news of all is that the price of these superb and cord-free headphones has tumbled so act quickly and you could grab yourself a great bargain.

Final Word

You should now be awash with options for listening to your favorite playlist at its very best. We’ve tried to include something at a range of price-points today so there’s something for everyone. While we usually urge you to seek out a bargain whenever possible, with headphones you’re advised to dig a little deeper. If you try some of the pricier options we highlight today, you’ll wonder why you didn’t treat yourself earlier. Remember to bookmark our blog for the latest smart home news along with a showcase of the best smart tech and plenty of how-to guides. If you fancy investing in a new set of headphones, why not sign up for our email newsletter first? You’ll qualify for 20% off your first order if you’re a new Smarthome customer.
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