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Ring was once called Doorbot and now, like many other companies, it’s owned by the mighty Amazon. According to a Reuters valuation, this deal was worth over $1 billion.

Ring Doorbell camera became the global phenomenon it is today from modest beginnings…

Founder Jamie Siminoff debuted the prototypical Video Doorbell on Shark Tank in 2013. This smart doorbell allows you to monitor the entrances to your home and offers remote access to garage doors so embodies the twin essence of smart home devices: security and convenience rolled into one.

Siminoff declined the offer made on Shark Tank and used the experience and publicity to rebrand and garner $5 million in subsequent sales. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, we’ll look at 8 reasons to buy a Ring Doorbell camera right now so if you’ve already invested in this security system, you can flick away and we’d urge you to come back next week. In the run-up to Christmas, we’ll be going into full overdrive and we’ve got an action-packed content calendar with our writers in full swing.

If you’re still uncertain about the benefits of smartening up your entry system to make your life safer and easier, read on as we outline exactly why Ring doorbells are a worldwide bestseller. For the purposes of today, we’ll laser in purely on the range of doorbells, but Ring also offers security cameras and a range of accessories we’ll examine in a separate study.

So straight down to the main event…


8 Reasons to Buy a Ring Doorbell Camera Right Now

We’ll kick off with a more generalized reason for investing in one of the Ring Video Doorbells before some more specific and direct benefits you can reap from this remarkable smart device.

1) Create a Ring of Security using a Video Doorbell and Stick Up Cams

As per their own strapline, you can create your very own Ring of Security around your smart home by using a Video Doorbell outside along with weatherproofed wireless security cameras outside.

While that presupposes purchasing extra kit, if you’re serious about your home security, you’ll see that as a sound investment rather than an expense. We’re not here to sell you anything you don’t need but we appreciate that for many of you, building out a robust and fully functional connected home is your prime motivator so this is arguably the leading reason for getting started with a Video Doorbell.

A quick tip before we get down to some more sound reasons to buy a Ring Video Doorbell right now…

If you want to get a feel for how easy it is to take full control of things in-app, why not try downloading the intuitive Ring app? That way, you can see for yourself that it’s remarkably simple even if you’re not the biggest tech fan.

2) Keep Those Christmas Packages Safe

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s highly likely that you’ll be receiving a steady stream of packages. We’ll presume if you’re a smart home fan, you also spend a fair amount of time ordering your shopping online. While that’s incredibly convenient, it carries a risk of someone making off with your Christmas gifts while you’re still hard at work. This risk increases over Christmas as thieves come out to play knowing there’s more bounty up for grabs.

The great news is, you can fight back with a Ring Video Doorbell!

Although the Third National Package Protection Day has come and gone just the Thanksgiving turkey, you should still remain vigilant and help your neighbors to be on their guard, too. This day of heightened awareness was initiated by Ring. It’s not just another marketing trick, though. You can see from their website that their products all sell out on a regular basis so it’s not as if this security giant needs to tout for business.

Since Ring Video Doorbell will ping an alert to your smartphone if someone approaches your door or rings the bell, it doesn’t matter if you’re pulling a late shift to get some work nailed or you’re sunning yourself in the Bahamas, your packages will be better protected than if you were entirely unaware with no security in place.

Beyond that, the courier has the opportunity to speak with you and you can direct him to either hide your package discreetly, drop it with a neighbor, or return when you’ll be there to receive it in person. You all know how these type of instructions can be mangled when you attempt conveying them online. With Ring Video Doorbell, you’ll be able to have a real-time conversation with the courier so there’s no confusion and your package will remain uncompromised.

3) 21st Century Neighborhood Watch: Make Your Whole Neighborhood a Safer Place with Ring

Keeping your own home safe is one thing but don’t you want to live in a neighborhood where things are safer across the board?

Ring’s own mission statement is boiled down to reducing crime throughout whole communities and this underpins their whole range of products and the company ethos.

Back in 2015, Ring teamed up with the LAPD. Installing Video Doorbell’s in Wilshire Park brought about a dramatic 55% drop in burglaries. You can check out a very short YouTube video outlining this initiative right here. While you might instinctively feel that perhaps the doorbells were not the only factor leading to this reduction in crime, how about taking into account that a mere 10% of homes were equipped with Video Doorbells in order to achieve this halving in break-ins?

What this clearly demonstrates is that the presence of a single video entry system equipped with the capacity to record criminals in the act – sometimes even help to catch them red-handed – can have a serious positive effect on crime rates in a neighborhood.

The scheme was rolled out with similar results elsewhere and shows a side to Ring that by no means all companies share, even if it’s their business to sell security products.

The success of these projects led to the launch of Neighbors by Ring app, available on both Android and iPhone. You’ll see by the huge swathe of overwhelmingly positive reviews that this 21st-century approach to neighborhood watch has been gratefully received.

You’ll be able to disseminate real-time security alerts to your neighbors in-app. You’ll also benefit from your local law enforcement agencies weighing in when required.

If you put yourself in the shoes of an opportunist burglar, they don’t sit at home deciding to rob a particular home. And we use the word opportunist advisedly since professional burglars certainly are very likely to target high net worth individuals and specific properties. The average thief is looking for an easy life, though. To that end, he’ll target a neighborhood rather than a house. When he arrives, he’ll take his pick and the route of least resistance.

This all means that doing your part to make your neighborhood a safer place will not only keep burglars from heading to your area in the first place, it should also boost the value of your smart home which is an added bonus nobody is likely to scoff at.

4) Use Alexa to Get Even More From Your Video Doorbell

With the exception of the first generation Video Doorbell, all other Ring models now work with your favorite digital assistant, Alexa. Ring are hard at work to make even that earlier iteration compatible.

You’ll need either Echo Show or Fire TV in order to press Alexa into action.

Once you’ve got that in place, you should bear in mind some of the restrictions before you get too excited. While you can listen to audio and keep your eyes on any activity, you won’t be able to speak to people through your enabled device. Being unable to do that with Alexa is obviously not a deal breaker, though.

One of the leading advantages, on the other hand, is the fact Alexa works with Shared Users. This extends the privilege of monitoring activity to anyone connected to your Ring Video Doorbell.

Commands are simple with Show and Hide + whatever you’ve named your Ring device being sufficient to flash up then minimize live video feed. If you can’t get enough of controlling your smart home with voice commands, this is yet another solid reason to buy a Ring doorbell camera right now.

5) Get Video Evidence of Anyone Up To No Good

Assuming that someone is foolish enough to try gaining unlawful entry to your beloved smart home, if you’ve got a Ring Video Doorbell in place, you might still have the last laugh.

Whether or not the aggressor successfully gains entry, you’ll have crystal clear video footage along with an audio overlay that’s more than adequate to email to your local police department.

Let’s face it, many criminals are prior offenders meaning that even though you have nothing more than their face on camera, your law enforcement agency are also highly likely to have that same image on their system if the thief has stepped out of line in the past. The way face recognition software works these days, it’s a short step for the police to identify and then apprehend the thief, whether they managed to enter your house or not. The inbuilt advantage they will have is video footage of the offender in action.

This principle can be easily extended to package thieves as well as burglars. In today’s quick fix society, this type of purely opportunist theft is sadly rising. Even if you fall victim to this kind of dirty trick, you can enjoy a degree of satisfaction in helping bring the criminal to justice.

6) If You Run a Home-Based Business, Stay in Touch Even When You’re Away

If you work from home in a client-facing role – and more and more people are working remotely these days – it can seem like you’re tied to the house with even popping to the store giving you jitters about potential lost business. There’s an easy solution and you know what that is!

With Ring Video Doorbell, you can always stay connected with your connected home even if you’re on a buying mission halfway across the world or you’re popping out for your weekly grocery shopping.

It might be that you are easing off on being ever-online in your personal life – many of us are in a quest to live in the moment rather than perpetually with one foot in Facebook – but when it comes to business, it’s all about the Benjamins. This is, admittedly, not something that’s relevant to all of you but if you do work from home, it’s just one more driving reason to pop a Ring Video Doorbell on your Christmas list.

7) Keep Your Eye on Your Kids and Vulnerable Elderly Family Members

If you’ve got kids and they frequently play outside the front of your house, the presence of a Ring Video Doorbell outside can help you keep a close eye on them even if you’re beavering in the home office or relaxing with a movie. You can carry on with whatever you’re doing and monitor that live video feed when you see fit.

The Video Doorbell is not limited in scope to keeping tabs on your children, though…

If you have an elderly relative at home, maybe they’re suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. In and of itself, this is hard enough to deal with. What’s even worse is if your grandfather or ailing uncle ends up taking himself off for an unannounced stroll. Imagine returning from the bathroom to find the chair empty and that familiar feeling sinking in…

“Where is he now?”

Chances are, your grandfather will head somewhere familiar. If he heads to your brother’s house, he’ll pop up on the Video Doorbell at that place even if your brother isn’t at home. An alert will be pinged to the homeowner’s cellphone and you can take immediate action.

While this scenario might seem unlikely, if you’ve got someone suffering from any kind of degenerative disease at home, you’ll appreciate it’s actually pretty commonplace.

So, when looking out for family members young and old, a Ring Video Doorbell can be a remarkably effective line of defense.

8) Prevent Crime Before It Happens

Is it possible to actually prevent crime before it happens?

Well, you’ve certainly got a stronger chance of staving off burglary if you have a Ring Video Doorbell installed.

Face facts, for criminals, even casual opportunists, being aware of the latest technology is part and parcel of a life of crime. You’ve be hard pressed to find a crook who’s unaware of exactly what video doorbells look like so we put this simple question to you…

Is that burglar likely to try to enter your house when he sees that familiar black and silver device front and center or will he choose the unprotected property down the street?

As we’ve mentioned, you can get video footage anyway if someone is determined to break in and successfully does so. Much better, though, to send that thief scurrying off elsewhere instead. If, as we’ve mentioned, your neighborhood pulls together and there’s a high proportion of households equipped with video doorbells, perhaps he’ll leave the area entirely in seek of easier pickings.

While this might seem like a slightly selfish course of action, your home is your castle and you should go to any lengths necessary to drive off any prospective burglar so don’t feel remotely guilty. Take action and keep yourself protected.


Having served you up with 8 varied reasons to buy a Ring Video Doorbell right now, we’ll round out with a list of the 5 options at your disposal in this strong and dependable line-up. We’re not going into any detail at all here, just showing you the Ring range at a glance.

  1. Ring Video Doorbell is the original iteration that’s still going strong as we edge into 2019. Half the price of the second generation, you’ll get 720HD footage but no interchangeable faceplates threw in as with Ring Doorbell 2…
  1. Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a new and improved version of the tried-and-true classic. Video resolution is upgraded to 1080HD and the rechargeable battery is quick-release unlike that of the earlier version. You can opt for a Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze finish to match your color scheme.
  1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro is hardwired rather than battery-powered. Motion detection is more advanced incorporating Human Detection and the Pro comes with a wider choice of colors. You’ll also have 5Ghz WiFi to complement the standard 2.4Ghz connectivity. The price difference is not that great so this is a sound investment if you’ll make use of that added functionality.
  1. Ring Video Doorbell Elite is a much more expensive professional solution with power over Ethernet delivering a dependable and robust connection unrivaled in video doorbells. Field of view is extended to include 90 degrees vertical viewing as well as the 160 degrees horizontal you’ll get with the mainstream consumer models.
  1. Ring Video Doorbell with Expert Installation and Training Service is ideal if you don’t fancy setting things up for yourself and you think you might need a helping hand to get up and running. The extra charge for these services is modest and represents outstanding value.

Final Word

As you can clearly see, Ring has come a long way indeed from those humble Shark Tank beginnings and you, the consumer, are just as much the beneficiary as Jamie Siminoff. Video Doorbell might not have lined your pockets, but it could very well have prevented you from being robbed, which is the next best thing.


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