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Here at Smarthome, we’re here to save you time and money. Upgrading climate control in your home can do the same for you, and you can achieve this with a smart thermostat.

A simple smart thermostat serves many purposes with convenience and energy-efficiency at the uppermost.

If you’re still tinkering around with one of those fiddly old thermostats, there’s no need to torture yourself any longer. With a WiFi thermostat, kiss those tedious manual dials goodbye and take charge in-app on your smartphone or with voice control.

Easy to control when you’re at home, you’ll also enjoy the freedom of remote access to streamline controlling the temperature from a distance.

This level of automation can translate to savings on energy bills of anywhere from 10% to 15%, possibly even more. Many manufacturers make quite bold claims about slashing bills by one-quarter, but we’d suggest that’s probably a hopeful estimate. What is certain is that with intelligent control and occupancy detection, you’ll notice lower electricity bills, and you might even qualify for a rebate from your provider.

So, we outlined the principal advantages of investing in a smart thermostat right here if you need any further reason to buy.

If you’re already sold on those benefits, we curated five of the strongest intelligent thermostats on the market. Let's dive in and see which makes the best fit for you.

Five Best Smart Thermostats

1. ecobee4 WiFi Thermostat with Alexa Onboard

Now into its fourth iteration, the classic ecobee smart thermostat keeps going from strength to strength, but what makes it so good?

First up, lovers of voice control will appreciate Alexa Voice Service coming baked in. This is particularly valuable if you’re just starting out with home automation. If so, a thermostat is a common entry point. With ecobee4, you’ll be able to road test Alexa’s skills without needing to invest in a smart speaker. This means you can try before you buy.

Compatibility also extends to Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, so you have all major players covered. If you want to get more creative, you can also freely use IFTTT (If This, Then That). ecobee also slots into the SmartThings ecosystem.

You won’t have any problems getting ecobee to pick up your voice thanks to hard-hitting far-field voice technology. Speak across a crowded or noisy room and your smart thermostat will still respond.

Controlling the temperature in-app on your smartphone is seamless. This allows you to monitor and regulate temperature remotely, even if you’re away from home.

Another key selling point with ecobee4 is the ability to build in multiple sensors. You’ll get one of these thrown in then you can pick them up in 2-packs. Use up to 32 of these across multiple rooms to eliminate those annoying hot and cold spots common to most thermostats.

While ecobee’s claim of saving up to 23% on your utility bills is perhaps ambitious, you should see a noticeable drop in your electricity consumption. Automating climate control is undeniably convenient, but throw in energy-efficiency and the stiff price tag doesn’t seem quite so bad.

You should be aware in advance that ecobee4 is hardwired. On the plus side, you won’t need batteries or the power of your HVAC system for juice. The only drawback is possibly needing some assistance with installation. Factor this into your budgeting, and ecobee4 might be the wisest investment you make for your connected home this year.

2) Insteon Remote Control Thermostat

If you thought climate control was expensive, you obviously haven’t been introduced to the Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat.

This understated and compact device makes perfect sense whether you’re already invested in the Insteon ecosystem or a complete beginner. Dominating the domotics scene since 2005, Insteon serves up powerful and dependable devices that work wonderfully together.

The centerpiece of any Insteon home is the Hub Central Controller, so you’ll want to pick one up if you don’t already have one. These gateways are powerful, affordable, and allow you to get all your devices singing in harmony.

Your control options are diverse, one of the leading benefits of Insteon tech. There are physical buttons on the thermostat for anyone technically-challenged in the household. The Insteon app, now retooled, is better than ever before. Control is intuitive and you’ll also be able to control other devices in your ecosystem from one place.

If you prefer to go hands-free, this thermostat plays nicely with Alexa or Google Assistant if you have an Echo or Google Home device. You’ll also need the hub we mention above to enable your preferred digital butler.

This smart thermostat also works as an Insteon controller. You can trigger other devices when a predetermined temperature is reached. Perhaps when the heating goes on upstairs in preparation for bedtime, you’d like the lights downstairs dimmed and those up the stairs activated. That’s a cinch with the highly flexible Insteon ecosystem.

You’ll also be able to sync your thermostat with air duct dampers and ceiling fans. Add in some Insteon sensors and you’ll be amazed at the adaptability of this powerful yet inexpensive smart thermostat.

HVAV compatibility is broad even if you’ve got a more sophisticated 2-stage system.

If you already have some Insteon devices in your home, slip in this smart thermostat to strengthen a winning team. If you haven’t already invested, this thermostat coupled with the home hub makes the ideal starting point.

3) Nest Learning Thermostat

The enduringly popular Nest Learning is an intelligent thermostat worthy of a place on any shortlist.

Now striding into its third generation, the design has undergone an overhaul. The display shows you oversized numerals you can easily read from across the room and the disc design is striking. Choose from copper, white and polished or stainless steel finishes.

Along with the temperature displayed, look out for the trademark Nest leaf. When this green icon is visible, your home is running in an optimized and highly energy-efficient manner. As with all smart thermostats, you could easily save from 10 to 15% on your monthly electricity bills by automating climate control and reducing wastage.

Take control from your phone, laptop or tablet according to what works best for you. Pick up a smart speaker and you’ll also be able to take the helm with voice commands. Both Google Assistant and Alexa are supported. While the Works with Nest program is being wound down by the end of August, it’s replaced by Works with Google Assistant leaving you in safe hands. This is the result of the Google Nest rebranding.

You might be eligible for a rebate from utility providers depending on your location. In Southern California, for example, you’ll get $125 if you sign up to Nest’s Rush Hour Rewards. This program is designed to help you slash energy consumption during peak hours and you’ll be incentivized for doing so.

Scheduling is a cinch and you don’t need to worry about tinkering with settings. As the name of this smart thermostat makes clear, Learning will pick up on your preferences and tweak the temperature accordingly.

With Home/Away Assist, the heating and cooling are automatically adjusted when you head out and also when you return.

To keep abreast of any savings you’re generating, you can readily view your energy history in-app.

Set-up is a breeze and you should be up in running in well under an hour.

Interoperability is solid. You should consider using Nest Learning in tandem with Nest Protect. In the event of any carbon monoxide triggering the sensor, Protect can instruct Learning to power down the furnace. This is a common source of CO2 leaks.

If you’re hunting for a user-friendly thermostat that’s high on intelligence and demands almost no user input, there’s no substitute for Nest Learning.

4) Honeywell Lyric T5 WiFi Thermostat

Honeywell offers a range of smart thermostats at varying price-points and one on that line-up is the Lyric T5. What elevates it above the rest, though?

Looking much like an old-school pager, this sleek and squared-off unit is a powerful beast.

Programming is robust with multiple scheduling options at your disposal. Geofencing allows Lyric to laser in on the location of your smartphone. This means when you’re away, you need no input and the thermostat will dial back the temperature to prevent wastage and save you money. Punching the Away button on the thermostat itself or in-app overrides settings.

With time-based scheduling, you can program the thermostat daily, weekly or using 5/1/1 and 5/2 combos to personalize climate control to suit.

We all love shortcuts and Honeywell allows you to create and personalize them in the true spirit of successful home automation.

Just like Nest Learning, Honeywell Lyric has adaptive recovery baked in, so it can pick up on your preferred temperature settings and save you from fiddling around. The auto changeover is another neat touch where the system triggers heating or cooling appropriately. Every step of the way, you’ll have less to do while reaping the rewards of comfort, economy, and convenience. What’s not to love?

5) Johnson Controls GLAS Smart Thermostat

Rounding out our curated selection of smart thermostat is the impeccable GLAS from Johnson Controls. If you’re looking for cheap climate control, this is not for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for commanding and sleek design married to exceptional functionality, read on…

While function should always take precedence over form with smart tech, we can’t help mentioning the aesthetics here. You’ll get a see-through 6-inch OLED display. This is raked back at a jaunty angle for optimized and there’s a touch controller built-in.

Functionality is simple but effective. You’ll get 3 modes:

  • Home
  • Away
  • Sleep

Basic 7-day scheduling allows you to create a climate that makes the most sense for you without any confusion. You’ll get everything you need and nothing you don’t with GLAS.

As with all the most effective smart thermostats, you’ll be able to use either Alexa and Google Assistant with the requisite smart speaker in place. This adds a new layer of convenience and adjusting the temperature from the comfort of the couch is now a convenient option.

You can also take control in-app so you can make adjustments to heating and cooling remotely. As with the other more powerful thermostats on our list, intelligent features abound. Occupancy detection and arrival anticipation ramp up the convenience further without creating more work for you. You can also program filter reminders to take the guesswork out of maintenance.

If you’re concerned about the air quality in your connected home, the GLAS monitors this. Keeping a smart eye out for VOCs and CO2 inside and all manner of pathogens and allergens outdoors, you can see if you need to take action with a purifier or humidifier thanks to solid reporting.

As a final kicker, while you can enjoy the smarts of Alexa and Google Assistant as mentioned, Microsoft’s Cortana comes baked in. Why not see what this alternative digital butler can do?

For a smart thermostat with a premium on design that doesn’t compromise functionality to achieve it, the GLAS is a stealth option well worth your further investigation.

Final Word

Well, we hope you’ve seen a smart thermostat that will make a fitting addition to your connected home. Whether you’re new to home automation or looking to upgrade an existing unit, you’ll not only make your life easier, but you'll also cut down on spiraling power bills.

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