Smart Home Black Friday Deals

Maybe right now you’re spending a little too much time on NFL Fantasy Football Predictions. But what you need to realize is before the turkey bowl starts, the holiday season is looming and it’s time to start kicking back and finding Smart Home black friday deals.

Today though, why not take a quick detour and check out the very best Black Friday predictions from instead?

A shotgun look first at the origins of this global retail frenzy then we’ll tease you with just some of what we’ll have on offer next week here at

How Did Black Friday Start?

While Black Friday is now synonymous with Amazon super-sales, and of course the legendary Smart Home sale, its origins and credibility go back way further…

An informal name given to the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday marks the official start of the Christmas season. Back in the 50s, many people called in sick to give themselves a long weekend and a headstart on their Christmas shopping. Many businesses decided to lump this in as an official holiday rather than locking horns with employees.

Philadelphia police were the first to use the name Black Friday to describe the carnage as tourists and locals alike flooded in for the monumental Army/Navy football game that weekend in 1952.

Despite the negative connotations of the name and an unsuccessful attempt to remarket it as Big Friday, by the time of the excesses of the 80s, retailers managed to pivot Black Friday into a positive. By the 2000s, Black Friday had become a worldwide phenomenon.

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The famous Smart Home Black Friday Sale is extremely straightforward…

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We’ve got a quick taster for you right now with a brief snapshot of just some of the unbeatable smart home devices and appliances you might be able to pick up even more cheaply than ever. These include:

  • Keypads
  • Plug-In Modules
  • Sensors
  • Switches
  • Mini Remote Controls

We’ll also have daily third-party doorbusters since we have no issue sharing information about other companies if they have something we believe you truly need.

And that really is just the tip of the iceberg. We know you’re busier than ever at this time of year so we’ll limit ourselves today to a short overview of some of the best examples of these products, all of which we’re delighted to have in stock.

Act quickly, though, since they’re unlikely to stay on the shelves too long once the prices drop…

Disclaimer: We’re deliberately operating with an element of surprise here so assume the products we look into below are likely to be on sale but you might find something else offered in their place.

Smart Home Black Friday Predictions

We’ll move on now to all the deals we can predict here at Smart Home bearing the above disclaimer in mind.

Our sale begins on November 21st and runs until November 25th so you’ll get an extended Black Friday bounty. Every day we’ll bring you a new sale.

And remember…

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Insteon Offers

As you’ll see from our staggering range of cross-brand products, we’re not biased toward any one manufacturer. It just so happens for Black Friday, though, that a decent chunk of our sale is focused on Insteon. We’ve got some extravagant deals from this smart home titan from keypads and plug-in modules through sensors and switches.

You’ll get some cut-throat deals on single products as well as even greater savings on multi packs and starter kits.

To ice the cake, we’ll even offer free shipping on Black Friday!

With the build-up complete, it’s time for action…

Black Friday Predictions For Your Smart Home

Best Keypads

1) Insteon Remote Control Dimmer Keypad

If you’re not sure whether you want to use a remote control keypad, your smartphone, or a physical wall switch, why choose just one? This awesome Insteon dimmer keypad is robustly multi-purpose and offers all this and much, much more.

Whether you want to use the 8-button remote here, the 6-button alternative or you’d prefer to do everything in-app, you’re spoiled for choice.

To get the most from this device, you will need that Insteon Hub but for anyone looking for a truly connected home, we’d strongly recommend investing in a gateway or you’ll limited in the extreme.

If you want to customize this controller, you’re in for a treat after a breakdown of the leading advantages and minor drawback of this hard-hitting remote.


  • Take charge of up to 8 Insteon devices with this 8-button remote and dimmer rolled into one cost-effective package
  • Use with Insteon hub to configure the keypad or use your favorite digital assistant
  • Get all the advantages of remote access while still keeping a physical wall switch so you can cater for everyone in your home even if they’re tech-haters
  • Easily set Scenes so you can push one button to trigger a series of events
  • You can even use your smartphone as a controller further widening your options

2) Insteon Custom Etched Button Change Kit for Insteon Keypads

Is your husband the kind of guy who customizes everything from his car to his sneakers? If so, this custom-etched kit will allow him to do exactly the same by personalizing the remote above.

You’ll need to complete the details carefully since text will be copied directly then laser etched before being buffed to a slick and professional finish with the added advantage of fully customized letters. You’ll be limited to 7 characters per line so think carefully and make them those characters count.

Your choice also extends to white, ivory and light almond making this a neat, unique gift for the smart home fan that has everything.


  • Ditch your generic Insteon KeyPad dimmer buttons and replace them with whatever works better for you
  • Exceptional value for a bespoke product and set to get even cheaper on Black Friday
  • See more clearly at a glance which rooms or devices you’re controlling
  • 25-button and 50-button sets also available
  • Fully polished and sleek appearance with the inbuilt advantage of personalization

Best Plug-in Modules

1) Insteon Remote Control Plug-In On/Off Module

If you want to control a wide array of compatible smart home devices indoors or out in the yard, this Insteon Plug-In On/Off Module.

Set-up might be a little more awkward in this rebooted version but it’s still remarkably straightforward. All you need to do is pop the power cord of your appliance into the module then hook up to a standard unswitched outlet and you’re good to go.

From lamps and fans through lights and motors, you can enjoy wide-ranging remote control without breaking the bank. You can also get a 4-pack if you want even greater value for money and that’s before our Black Friday sale!


  • Use voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant as long as you have an enabled device and an Insteon Hub
  • Also comes in an outdoor version if you want to extend remote control into the yard
  • Build out with motion sensors to further enhance functionality
  • Control plug-in lights, fans and motors throughout your connected home remotely
  • Take charge of a broad spread of devices from lamps to outdoor Christmas decorations

The Best Sensor

Insteon Water Leak Sensor

Water damage, especially in an unattended property like a vacation home, can rapidly turn your week into Black Friday every day.

This Insteon sensor is extremely cheap considering the protection and peace of mind it offers but might end up damaged itself if you have an actual incident of flooding that you fail to respond to rapidly enough.

You’ll get a full decade of life from the powerhouse battery so you won’t need to worry about being compromised.

With super-simple installation and a sensitive sensor capable of tracking just about any threat of water damage, this might just be the smartest investment you could make this Black Friday.


  • Not only great value but also offers enormous potential savings on water damage
  • Exceptional 10-year battery life so no chance of being let down during the realistic lifespan of the unit
  • Comes into its own for rentals or second homes often left unattended
  • Installation is as simple as popping the sensor on the floor with nothing more required
  • If you invest in an Insteon Hub, you can receive instant alerts on your smartphone the instant a water leak is detected

The Best Sensor

Insteon Remote Control On/Off Switch

If you’re looking for the best smart switch, Insteon once again step up to the plate delivering this home run of a remote controlled On/Off switch.

You can enjoy comprehensive voice control using both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant subject to an enabled device and gateway.

If you’ve got water leaking or doors opening when they shouldn’t do as well as sensors in your smart home, you’ll get pinged alerts on your smartphone so you can take prompt action rather than experiencing a Black Friday disaster.

Long considered the best On/Off switch on the market, what do you predict will happen to the price on Black Friday? Come back soon to find out if your hunch was correct!


  • Rugged enough to work in a commercial backdrop while also slotting neatly into any smart home
  • 3 colorways giving you the chance to match your switch to your décor with ease
  • Tweaked paddle design makes the difference between On/Off and dimming devices clearer
  • Use Alexa or Google Assistant as long as you invest in the requisite device as well as an Insteon hub
  • Set Scenes and schedule so you can ramp up the user-friendliness while extending functionality

The Best Mini Remote Control

Insteon Mini Remote Control Keypad

Yet another Insteon product as we edge to the end of our Black Friday bonanza with a mini-remote control keypad.

If you’re sick and tired of leaping up mid-movie to control yet another device in your smart home, this scaled-down controller is the ideal solution.

If you’ve got water leaking or doors opening when they shouldn’t do as well as sensors in your smart home, you’ll get pinged alerts on your smartphone so you can take prompt action rather than experiencing a Black Friday disaster.

This remote control keypad can be mounted in a number of ways and you can take charge of devices in your smart home from a distance of 50 feet, more if you invest in a range extender.

Setting aside the rather underwhelming instructions, this is a superb keypad perfect for minimalist smart homes.


  • Incredibly easy to set up and get going straight out the box
  • Multiple mounting options giving you complete flexibility
  • 4-Scene pack of 4 offering an outstanding price to performance ratio
  • Battery-operated meaning no wiring or extra power required
  • Impressive 50-foot range so works well even in larger homes

Daily Third-Party Doorbusters

Far be it from us to selfishly guard against you making the best purchase for your needs…

We’re never shy about recommending third-party products where we have no vested interest in whether or not you buy.

For Black Friday 2018, expect plenty of daily doorbusters from all the hardest hitters in the home automation vertical whether here at Smart Home or elsewhere.

We have one goal only: to guide you toward the best smart products for your needs, period.

More Surprises…

We hate to leave you with a cliffhanger but Black Friday wouldn’t be complete without a few surprises and we’re not even going to give you a hint as to what that might be so remember, sign up for our mailing list and get ready for a week of incredible bargains covering everything you could conceivably need for your smart home.

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