BitWise Controls BC-IRI RS-232 IR Receiver

Connect IR Remotes and Distribution Systems to your PC, Home Automation System or BitWise Controls BC4/BCX-1
  • Built-in decoding for the most popular IR protocols
  • Generates small, easily-parsed RS232 output
  • Wide variety of IR input options, including line-of-sight, direct-wire input, remote IR receivers, and IR distribution systems
  • Can be powered from PC serial port, or an external power supply
  • Generates key release messages allowing more complex "press & hold" IR repeating and automation/macro events



List Price: $149.99

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  • The BC-IRI is a flexible IR receiver for use with any RS232 enabled host system, such as a PC, Home Automation system, or BitWise Controls BC4. The unit internally decodes NEC and Sony format IR signals, and produces a small, easily-parsed RS232 output on button press and release. You can use the provided IR Codeset (supplied in Pronto Hex format, for use with high-end universal remote control products), or any remote which uses NEC or Sony formats.
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