BITS Limited Wireless USB Remote Controlled Smart Power Strip

BITS Limited Wireless USB Remote Controlled Smart Power Strip

Save Money And Energy By Reducing Phantom Power
  • 8 outlets for greater device connectivity
  • 2 USB ports for additional device charging
  • Wireless USB remote control for power supply control
  • Reduces energy expenditure with 'Power Save' outlets
  • 'Power Save' connected devices can be synced to remote connected devices
  • Two USB inserts for additonal device charging



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  • The Wireless USB Remote Controlled Smart Power Strip solves a common problem associated with plugged in and unused electronic devices: phantom power. Turning off your unused electronics seems like a no brainer, but even turned off devices consume energy. The BITS Limited USB Smart Strip gives you the opportunity to shut off multiple devices with just one switch rather than having to unplug them individually.

    The BITS Limited USB Smart Power Strip protects your devices from power surges with the 'Always On,' 'Power Save,' and USB outlets and inputs. The three 'Always On' outlets are on the right of the power strip, identified by the red line, and are always being supplied a continuous source of power much like a standard power strip. The five 'Power Save' outlets on the left of the power strip, circled in green, are the smart outlets that supply a continuous source of power when you want the power strip to supply power to the 'Power Save' connected devices. Two USB inputs are located directly below the 'Always On' outlets for additional device charging options.

    The 'Power Save' outlets are controlled by a wireless remote that can be mounted on a wall, left on a table, or connected to a device's USB port to become a master control switch. When the wireless remote is plugged into a separate device's USB port, the devices connected to the 'Power Save' outlets will be synced to power on and off when the wireless remote connected device powers on or off.

  • LUG 7 Specifications
    Manufacturer BITS Limited
    Manufacturer Product No. LUG7
    UPC 855883000186
    Total Number of Outlets 8 Outlets Total

    3 'Always ON Outlets'

    5 'Energy Saver Outlets'
    Maximum Power Rating 1800 Watts

    15 Amperes

    120 Volts, 50/60 Hz
    UL Certifications UL 1449 3rd Edition

    UL 1363 3rd Edition
    Breaker UL Required 15 Ampere breaker
    Fuses Yes
    Maximum Surge Voltage 6,000 Volts
    Maximum Spike Current 144,000 Amperes
    3-Way Fireproof Surge Protection 2160 Joules with <1ns response time

    Fireproofing via X3 Ceramic Encased Surge Components
    UL Voltage Protection Rating (VPR) 330V L-N

    400 L-G

    400 N-G
    EMI/RFI Noise Filtration Up to 40 dB from 150KHz to 100MHz
    Cord Length 4' Heavy Duty Power Cord
    Specifications Specification
    Wall Mountable 4-Way Wall Mountable
    Indicators Separate Surge Protection Status

    Ground Status

    'Energy Saver' outlets ON & "Always ON' outlet indicators
    Stand-by Current Use <0.7 Watt idle current in stand-by mode*

    Does not include current draw of items in the 'Always ON' outlets
    Manufacturer Warranty 30 day money back guarantee

    2 year full warranty

    Lifetime replacement on damage caused by power surges

    $50,000 connected equipment warranty

    Wireless USB Transmitter/Remote Specifications
    ON/OFF Use this button to manually turn the 'Energy Saver' outlets ON/OFF
    Activation Indicator A red LED will light to indicate the transmitter is sending a signal
    USB Transmitter Stand A dock for the transmitter can be mounted on a wall if desired
    Battery Type and Life Use ONLY 3 Volt CR1632 Lithium batteries

    Approximately 3-6 months lifetime with regular use

    Batteries not necessary if used via USB
    Wireless Range Up to 25 feet*

    *Actual range may vary depending on environment, condition, interference and building materials
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