Bird-X TX-Pro Transonic Pro Pest Repeller


Bird-X TX-Pro Transonic Pro Pest Repeller

Commercial Grade Pest Repeller for Bats, Rats, Insects, and More
  • Easy Operation: Just plug it in
  • 2-Speaker System: Double the effectiveness
  • Maintenance-Free: no moving parts
  • Variable Output: Attacks different pests with custom frequencies
  • Sound Settings: Set it to 'quiet mode' for home use
  • Coverage: up to 2,500 sq feet



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  • This low-profile electronic pest repeller uses quiet ultrasonic sounds to evict Mice, Bats, Spiders, cockroaches and Crawling Insects. Works well in your Kitchen, Garage, Basement, Workshop, Shed or Attic. The Transonic PRO is a cost-effective, easy solution to your pest problem. It is sleek and unobtrusive, the Transonic Pro patrols your problem area with quiet waves of pest protection.

    How it Works
    Independent laboratory and university testing has proven ultrasonic and sonic sound technologies to be effective forms of pest deterrents. Pests are repelled away from your Transonic Pro unit because they cannot adapt to the constantly changing array of ultrasonic and sonic signals emitted by the device. The unit disrupts the pests' habitat, effecting their feeding and communication habits, forcing them to leave the area. The unit is safe for use around humans, children, and pets such as dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles.

    What Will it Repel?
    * Mice
    * Rats
    * Small Rodents
    * Bats
    * Spiders
    * Insects / Bugs
    * Fleas, Flies
    * Ticks
    * Cockroaches
    * Squirrels & Chipmunks
    * Raccoons, Opossum

    Where Can It Be Used?
    * Indoors
    * Semi-Enclosed Areas
    * Home & Patio & Kitchen
    * Restaurants
    * Stores
    * Warehouses
    * Farms, Barns, Stables
    * Sheds & Storage
    * Car & Parking Garages
    * Any area with bird infestation

    Why Use Transonic Pro?
    Saves Money Eliminate expensive recurring cleanup and repair costs with a one-time solution. Installing a Transonic PRO pest control system can save a substantial amount of money for you or your company.

    Reduced Damages & Repairs
    * Increases property aesthetics and value
    * Decreases aesthetic and materials damage to property
    * Eliminates destructive, corrosive droppings
    * Eliminates costly repairs

    Reduces Risk
    * Eliminating pests with a Transonic reduces health and liability risks
    * Insure yourself against potential lawsuits and legal liabilities
    * Reduce workman's compensation claims
    * No FDA and OHSA inspection failures
    * Prevent Health Department citations and fines
    * Eradicate over potential pest-related diseases

  • Dimensions- 6" x 3" x 3"
    Weight - 3 pounds
    Coverage - Up to 3,500 square feet
    Power - Less than 5 watts
    Power Input - 9v (150mA) Adapter /110 or 220 vAC, or DC via battery
    Frequency - 3-40 kHz
    Sound Pressure - 96 dB at 1/2 meter
    Includes - Unit, AC Adaptor with cord, complete
  • 7 Reviews

    Review of 61775 Review by D
    Review of 61775

    Not as effective as I had hoped

    Posted on 7/10/2013

    Review of 61775 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 61775

    You can definitely hear the sounds from this. It works for me becasue I use it in my barn, I wouldn't want it in my house or garage.

    Posted on 11/30/2012

    Review of 61775 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 61775

    We had bats hanging out under the roof eves. This repeller had gotten rid of the bats. It works very well.

    Posted on 10/21/2012

    Review of 61775 Review by KATHY
    Review of 61775

    We heard about this product from a friend, he was really happy with the results and so are we. Thanks

    Posted on 10/26/2011

    Review of 61775 Review by RICHARD
    Review of 61775

    Haven't installed yet due to heavy rains and wind.

    Posted on 3/26/2011

    Review of 61775 Review by RICHARD E.
    Review of 61775

    Haven't installed yet due to heavy rains and wind.

    Posted on 3/26/2011

    Review of 61775 Review by ALEXANDRE
    Review of 61775

    I'm try use this to avoid bats in my house, but, without any results

    Posted on 2/13/2011

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