Bird-X SP-10-NR Polycarbonate Bird Spikes, 10 Foot Strip


Bird-X SP-10-NR Polycarbonate Bird Spikes, 10 Foot Strip

Maintain a Clean and Healthy Environment and Reduce Bird Damage
  • Most Effective: Physical barriers like spikes are the most effective way to keep birds away
  • Flexible Base: Spikes can be installed on curved surfaces
  • Inexpensive: Polycarbonate plastic bird spikes are less expensive than metal alternatives
  • Installs Easily: Nail, Glue, or Tie
  • Clear: Transparent polycarbonate material blends with surroundings: great for high-profile areas
  • Long-Lasting: Polycarbonate plastics won't corrode or decay. These spikes can last a lifetime
  • Continuous Operation: Repels birds 24/7
  • Maintenance-Free: When installed properly, no ongoing maintenance is require



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  • Bird-X polycarbonate plastic bird spikes are used on buildings and structures worldwide to eliminate the roosting and nesting surfaces of pest birds. Birds avoid landing on spikes as humans avoid walking on a bed of nails. These spikes are not lethal, just extremely irritating, intimidating, and uninviting. Polycarbonate spikes are clear and lightweight and provide a low-profile method of keeping birds off your property.

    Use Spikes to Keep Birds Off:
    * Louvers, Eaves
    * Air Conditioners
    * Windowsills
    * Ledges, Sills
    * Gutters, and Pipes
    * Beams, Trusses,
    * Support Structures
    * Roofs
    * Perimeters, Chimneys
    * Cables, Awnings
    * Projections
    * Statues, Columns, Cornices
    * Signs, Letters
    * Steeples
    * Bell Towers or Domes
    * Trees - for roosting birds
    * Signage, Billboards
    * Also Stops Climbing Animals

    Why Use Plastic Bird Spikes?
    Saves Money Eliminate expensive recurring cleanup and repair costs with a one-time solution. Installing polycarbonate plastic spikes can save a substantial amount of money for you or your company. In general, we've found that :
    * Small businesses experience 5-figure savings (recently a small business saved over $70,000 in yearly costs by using our products)
    * Six-figure savings in labor and materials for larger companies,universities, and municipalities
    * Larger cities have spent over 1 Million a year on cleanup costs. Our Bird Spikes Systems solve this problem at a fraction of the cost

    Reduced Damages & Repairs
    * Saves insulation, siding, and roofs from replacement or repair
    * Increases property aesthetics and value
    * Decreases aesthetic and materials damage to propery.
    * Eliminates destructive, corrosive droppings
    * Eliminates costly repairs

    Reduces Risk
    * Eliminating pest birds with polycarbonate plastic spikes reduces health and liability risks
    * Insure yourself against potential lawsuits and legal liabilities
    * Reduce workman's compensation claims
    * No FDA and OHSA inspection failures
    * Prevent Health Department citations and fines.
    * Eradicate over 60 potential bird-related diseases: Avian Flu, West Nile, Histoplasmosis, Salmonella,E. Coli, and more

  • * Heights: Highest Point: 4.3"
    * Width (Base) : 1" (Standard) 1/2" (Narrow)
    * Width (Widest Point): 4°" (Standard) 2°" (Narrow)
    * Diameters: Hole in Base: 0.156", Polycarbonate center spike: 0.125"
    * Weight: 5lb per 10' kit , 16 lbs per 100' kit
    * Materials: polycarbonate with UV inhibitors
    * Coverage:Each section covers 1ft, and a "spread" (or width) of 4.5" and 2.25" depending on type of spike
    * Color: Clear transparent
  • 7 Reviews

    Review of 61774 Review by GARY
    Review of 61774

    The product is exactly what I needed at a price that was realistic. Easy to put up and haven't seen a bird on the rafters since I installed them.

    Posted on 5/8/2013

    Review of 61774 Review by STUART
    Review of 61774

    The spikes seem to work but appear very fragile...not sure how long they will last. Easy to install but would have rather screwed down rather that use the glue included but was afraid they would break.

    Posted on 8/1/2012

    Review of 61774 Review by TAMMY
    Review of 61774

    The product was recieved very quickly, undamaged. I have not installed them yet but I can tell you that the spikes are sharp and doubt any birds would enjoy landing on these!

    Posted on 3/21/2012

    Review of 61774 Review by STEVE
    Review of 61774

    Easy to use and includes the glue for mounting. A better value vs the stailess steel ones if that isn't a requirement for your use.

    Posted on 9/8/2011

    Review of 61774 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 61774

    worked as espected good product

    Posted on 9/1/2011

    Review of 61774 Review by D.J.JONES
    Review of 61774

    they are clear plastic, the birds will probably not like them. What else can I say?

    Posted on 6/30/2011

    Review of 61774 Review by JASON
    Review of 61774

    On time and less expensive than the competitors.

    Posted on 6/25/2011

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