Bird-X DG DeerGard Deer Repeller

Bird-X DG DeerGard Deer Repeller

Humane, Effective, Maintenance-free Ultrasound Deer Repeller
  • Built-in infrared motion sensor activates when pests move into the repellent's coverage zone
  • Continuous or motion-sensor operation settings
  • Adjustable frequency for other pests
  • Ultrasonic (silent to humans)
  • Easy to install - mounts anywhere with keyhole slots

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  • Humane, effective, maintenance-free ultrasonic electronic deer repellent keeps deer away from your property without messy or expensive chemical solutions. Offer coverage up to 4,000 square feet. Ideal for repelling deer, but is also effective against rats, rodents, dogs, cats and squirrels. It is perfect for use in the garden, farm, crops, yard, highway, roads, fields, runways, nurseries, and more. Independent laboratory testing has proven DeerGard deer repellent sound technology to be a highly effective and safe form of pest control.

  • Dimensions (unit only): 6.75" x 5.25" x 3.5"
    Weight: 1 pound (shipping weight 2 pounds)
    Coverage: deer repellent effective up to 4000 square feet (280 square meters)
    Ultrasonic Frequency Range: 15,000 - 25,000 Hz (adjustable)
    Sound Pressure: 90 dB @ 1 meter
    Electricity Costs: Less than $0.25 per month
    Compliance: EPA Establishment number on file. CE marked
    Motion Sensor Range: 35 feet x 70 feet
    Working Current: <200 mA
    Power Supply: 4 x 1.5v "C" batteries or 120 vAC adapter. Other voltage adapters should be purchased locally. Unit switches to battery power during a power failure (if batteries are in)
  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 61771 Review by JOE
    Review of 61771

    I delayed my reveiw by 30 days,to get a true evalulation of the X-DG Deergard repleller,I received it in just a few days after ordeing,at a peak time when my rose garden was budding,a prime spring food for deer..This product really works great,I haven't had one deer near the roses,they are now blooming at their peak..I also had my game camara mounted on a tree to keep a eye on the roses & for any deer movement,zero deteched...Bottom line,sevice was great & the Deergaud is doing a great job & the price was right,thanks for your outstanding service & great product,I'm 100 precent satisfied with both..
    Joe Cramer,Eastmam ,Ga.

    Posted on 3/31/2012

    Review of 61771 Review by STEPHANIE
    Review of 61771

    Fantastic addition to the Nan Elliott Memorial Rose Garden which sits in the middle of a 700A park in Alton IL. The deer love to eat from the 1700 roses which are grown here but no more problems.....

    Posted on 3/21/2012

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