Bird-X BXP-PRO BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller, Version 1


Bird-X BXP-PRO BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller, Version 1

Get Rid of Stubborn Nuisance Birds
  • Mount it nearly anywhere
  • Continuous operation for 24/7 repelling
  • Variable frequencies to attack different birds
  • Weatherproof
  • Digital playback of naturally recorded bird distress & alarm sounds



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  • The BirdXPeller Pro electronic bird repeller expels birds from your property by blasting them with sound waves. This bird deterring unit automatically broadcasts a variety of naturally recorded bird distress signals and predator calls to frighten, confuse, and disorient birds within its effective range. These high definition digital recordings are played on loudspeakers to ensure that the message gets across to pest birds:"Keep Out!"

    Why It Works:
    When birds encounter dangerous situations or spot a predator, they let out very specific distress and alarm calls to notify other birds that the area is not safe. The BirdXPeller Pro rebroadcasts naturally recorded versions of these sounds to create an environment that is not only unfriendly for pest birds, but gives the impression that it would be life-threatening for the birds to occupy the area. Because of this, birds will not linger for long when the BirdXPeller is operating.

    What Will it Repel?
    * Pigeons
    * Sparrows
    * Starling
    * Gulls

    Where Can It Be Used?
    * Indoors/Outdoors
    * Semi-Enclosed Areas
    * Infrastructure & Transportation
    * Manufacturing Facilities
    * Warehouses & Docks
    * Farms, Barns, Stables
    * Sheds & Storage
    * Home & Garden
    * Car & Parking Garages
    * Any area with bird infestation

    Why Use BirdXPeller Pro?
    Saves Money by eliminating expensive recurring cleanup and repair costs with a one-time solution. Installing a BirdXPeller PRO bird control system can save a substantial amount of money for you or your company. In general, we've found that :
    * Small businesses experience 5-figure savings (recently a small business saved over $70,000 in yearly costs by using our products)
    * Six-figure savings in labor and materials for larger companies, universities, and municipalities
    * Larger cities have spent over 1 Million a year on cleanup costs. Our BirdXPeller Systems solve this problem at a fraction of the cost

    Reduced Damages & Repairs
    * Increases property aesthetics and value
    * Eliminates destructive, corrosive droppings
    * Eliminates costly repairs
    * Decreases aesthetic and materials damage to propery

    Reduces Risk
    * Eliminating pest birds with a BirdXPeller reduces health and liability risks
    * Insure yourself against potential lawsuits and legal liabilities
    * Reduce workman's compensation claims
    * No FDA and OHSA inspection failures
    * Prevent Health Department citations and fines.
    * Eradicate over 60 potential bird-related diseases: Avian Flu, West Nile, Histoplasmosis, Salmonella,E. Coli, and more

    Coverage: Up to one acre
    Repels: Birds; pigeons, sparrows, starlings, seagulls, grackles, cormorants, crows, and many more

    Possible Usage: Outdoor areas, front or back yards, private homes, parks, open canopies, awnings, eves, sheds, rooftops, parking lots, fields, car lots, buildings, warehouses, docks, much more

    • Manufacturer: Bird-X
    • Manufacturer Part #: BXP-PRO
    • UPC: 706069111618
    • Dimensions: 6" x 9" x 4"
    • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds
    • Power Req's: 110 or 220vAC or 12vDC
    • Sound Pressure: 105-110 db @ 1 Meter
    • Frequency: 3-5 kHz
    • Compliaince: UL and CE listed.
    • EPA EST: 075310-OR-001
  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 61779 Review by PATRICK
    Review of 61779

    would not recommend this product- was not defective but did not work as advertised

    Posted on 11/17/2012

    Review of 61779 Review by RONALD
    Review of 61779

    money well spent! the product arrived in a timely fashion . easy setup . did not work immediately. but, after 3 to 4 days, got tremendous results. it took that long for the pigeons who had previously nested on my balcony to stop coming around . best thing was, I did not have to clean up the bird droppings and nesting materials before the device worked effectively. the instructions indicated that you needed to do clean up before activating the device. It wan't necessary for pidgeons who had virtually taken over my condo balcony. Highly recommend this product; though very expensive. Many options for several birds.

    Posted on 6/6/2012

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